Hostel ‘A home away from home’.

Life in a hostel is like a plate full of sweet and sour dishes. Many of us have experienced this life; some experienced it at a very tender age while some during college days. But in both cases we came across joy and sorrow. But the question of the hour is “Is it a boon or bane?”

When you go to a hostel, many thoughts keep buzzing in your head and somewhere in your heart a small fear also rests. Questions that enclose your head include:

Am I going to have a nice roomy?

Will the food be nice out there?

Will I be allowed to be out till 9pm?

When you are finally in a hostel, it’s an environment completely opposite from your house. On your dining table you will be seeing new faces. But after getting in there, you have two choices- either make a positive use of this independent life or ruin it for yourself. Like every place, in hostel too, one comes across good and bad people. It depends upon you what you choose.

In my point of view, hostel life is like a two way sword, it can harm you if we do not use it for well and if we use it well we can learn a lot. Good things that will come to you include a disciplined life and some really good friends. We learn in more than one way to save money, so we start making a better use of resources. We learn to enjoy even small joys. We learn about risk management which no school/college can ever teach. We learn about team work.

In simple words, it teaches us to be happy with what we have and how to find joy in petty things. But one can ruin his/her life if he/she gets a company of wrong-doers. Alcohol consumption and smoking are usual that follows when your company is wrong, followed by continuous exposure to porn videos, and things get worse with time.

In India lots of students meet this life, some become good in their life and some just do not. We need to understand the real reason behind giving us a hostel life. We are given hostel life to be independent in life but we use our independence in a wrong way.

Just think guys before taking up a step in a new path. One small question to yourself will do it for you- “IS IT RIGHT FOR ME?”

The answer to the above question will prevent you from making the biggest mistake of your life.

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