A bold Jenner: inspiration for all

The family which is world famous for breaking the internet has done it yet again. The Kardashian family, which has been famous for the most outrageous activities, starting from sex tapes to nude pictures, the family has done it all.

But this time the activity has been so debatable that it has been keeping the world and media talking for weeks. Bruce William Jenner, the winner and gold medalist of Olympics Decathlon has kept the jaws dropping as now he has become Caitlyn Jenner. A father of 6, Caitlyn Jenner had the life that every man would possibly imagine to have before transitioning. A successful career, an Olympic gold medal, a loving wife and six successful kids. Caitlyn Jenner had a possible satisfying life that is stated by the society. But amidst all the happiness, there was one such thing that Caitlyn was struggling with.

Gender Dysphoria is the phase that Caitlyn was struggling since her teens and it was something she was never proud of and never revealed her desires to anybody. She married three women as she believes that she wasn’t sexually indifferent. She believed she always had orientation towards women had been successful in keeping them happy. But she always had this feeling where she thought she is trapped in a man’s body but had all the intricate and habit that of a woman. Jenner had been taking female hormone treatment for few years but stopped right after she got married to Kris Kardashian, and had two beautiful daughters Kendall and Kylie Jenner who is now a famous model and socialite respectively.

Caitlyn has been a responsible father as Kendall once said after she came out in front of her. But rather than the family background and astonishment, what astonished the world most was surrendering openly that she is a transgender woman. The most debatable issue in not just India but in the entire world is gender dysphoria. Gender dysphoria has been named a psychological illness, madness and other negative connotations that can be associated with it. But being brave enough to admit that she is a transgender woman and being able to have the courage to be herself, is what we all should aim for.

Concluding, as an author of this, I have met a lot of people who have gender dysphoria but the worst part is they have to stay with it till they die because India is a country where it is socially unacceptable to do an avant garde movement and go out of the box or to be yourself.

To those men and women,

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