An unfair society: Reservation in education and employment

With young college aspirants gearing up for the admission process, the most annoying aspect turns out to be none other than the- “Reservation System”. Reservation for every possible minority community on earth!! Do we even realize what was the purpose of this reservation system? And, even though it has been followed like an age-old tradition, does it even holds any significance today??
Just to brief you, the primary stated objective of the Indian Reservation System was to increase the opportunities for enhanced social and educational status of the underprivileged communities and thus, uplift their lifestyle to have their place in the mainstream of Indian Society. But, today, it has become an instrument to divide the society on caste basis, creating various walls between different sections of the society.
Today, when a student applies for an admission in any university, the admission forms are filled with questions like- “Are you an SC/ ST, OBC or general category?” How does it matters to which category he belongs to? What matters is his merit. A category can not decide if he is eligible for admission or not. There are many economically worse off children, buy they can not enjoy the fruits of such reservation merely by the virtue of belonging to ‘general category’. Same is the scenario while applying for jobs.

In my conjecture, there should be some rules set regarding the reservation system. Reservation should purely be based upon the collective salary of family and income derived from other outside sources. Also, the benefit of reservation should be available to only first two children. There should be some strict norms based on this, so that every citizen accepts the reservation system in a healthy way.
But, the harsh reality is that political business houses support and want reservation just because it creates ‘vote bank’ for them! It always works out in their favour. They are using policies of British Raj to keep their family raj on India. And, we as citizens of a developing nation, have to give up in the system!

[author image=”” ]Hi, I am Ruhani Sethi. I am pursuing Bachelors in Business Economics from Gargi College. I have a keen interest for writing besides being a readoholic. Social issues appeal to me the most. I intend to do something big for the world, as big as a revolution!!.[/author]

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