Having a sibling is no less than a blessing. He/she is our first partner in crime, best friend, secondary parent, our guide. No matter how much we fight with them, at the end of the day, they are our ultimate source of comfort and happiness. Be it the late night conversations with our sibling(s), or fights over the remote; it is always fun to have them around.

On this auspicious occasion of Raksha Bandhan, we give you 10 reasons why it is great to have an elder sibling in our lives-

  1. If you have an elder sibling in school, chances are most of their friends already know about you. So you are already popular among the masses. All the teachers will know you and if you are lucky enough to have an all rounder sibling, then it won’t be long enough before you become a star too.
  2. You will be a cooler teenager than the others since you have played the games that your elder sibling and their friends play. You will have more knowledge of the gadgets and all the high school stuff.
  3. At times, when you get into a fight, your sibling would always come for your rescue. Be it that huge bully in school or the fight between matches, your sibling will handle it all.
  4. You will always be a child in your parents’ eyes and they will see your elder sibling as the responsible one. So that gives you more freedom, more pampering and more attention too.
  5. Your elder sibling will be your all-time available tutor. They will help you in solving the most dreaded maths problems and will understand your struggle in learning history. And the best part- they will have readymade solutions available for every problem. After all, they have been there, done that.
  6. Even when you grow up, you will always look up to your sibling(s) for advice. There are so many times when you are unable to open up with your parents, but everything comes off so easily when you are with a sibling. You can be more of yourself in front of them.
  7. If your elder sibling owns a car, or an awesome bike or that dazzling dress, it automatically becomes yours too. Just some convincing, or maybe a little tiff and then they eventually agree; with some restrictions of course.
  8. It is not always a smooth walk with the elder sibling. At times, they can be a bit harsh on you. They will scold you when necessary, teach you the moral values and always keep an eye on what you are up to. But it will always be for your own good.
  9. If there is any trip or a night out coming that you know your parents won’t approve of, then leave the convincing part to your sibling. They will talk to your parents and convince them, but they will make sure, you don’t turn nasty.
  10. Whenever you are going through a low phase, be it a breakup, or exam tension, you will always find your sibling standing right beside you. No matter how big of a problem you are in, your sibling will motivate you and will make sure you deal with the situation correctly.

We often fail to appreciate the importance of family in our lives. We become so engrossed in our monotonous routines that we forget the people who actually matter. If only we realize the importance of those significant others, we won’t be needing specific days to remind us about their presence in our lives.

[author image=”http://www.aapkatimes.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/Munazza-Ansar.jpg” ]I am Munazza Ansar, pursuing Bachelor’s in Social Work from Jamia Millia Islamia University. I have a keen interest in writing about the prevalent social issues and working for them.[/author]

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