9 Books to read this summer

Books are such a great form of entertainment! You must have heard this a lot and it is true, reading books is leading new lives, an escape from reality. Almost like sleeping! (Two of my greatest loves.)

But it is such a task to choose the right books! So, I am going to help you out a little today! Below, I have listed some of my favourite reads and their plot lines! Let me know if this helped!

#1 To kill a mocking bird

  • Author : Harper Lee
  • Genre : Courtroom Drama

Set in Maycomb – Alabama, this book follows three years in the life of 8 year old Scout (the narrator), her brother Jem and their widowed father Atticus who defends a young black man (Tom) accused of raping a white woman (Mayella) in a trial which earns him and his children criticism.

The story talks about the trial, revenge, humanity, racial prejudice, courage and innocence! The book is a wonderful ride!

#2 Love happens like that

  • Author : Ritwik Mallik
  • Genre : Romance


In the mood for reading some light hearted romance? This is it. The book introduces us to Ritesh Garg, a fifteen year old attention crazy, flirtatious teen in love with Aarushi, a fourteen year old sober and conservative girl.

It talks about his fight with dumb friends, conservative parents and adolescent mentality to achieve her ( his angel, his miracle eye roll)

#3 Windmills of the Gods

  • Author : Sidney Sheldon
  • Genre : Thriller

Mary Ashley is an accomplished scholar whose life changes when she becomes the new US Ambassador to an Iron curtain country. She is about to change the course of world events when she gets marked for death by a mysterious yet proficient assassin.

Only two people can save her but she soon finds out that one of them is out to kill her.

It is whirl of espionage, kidnapping, terror, courage and patriotism.

#4 Eat Pray Love

  • Author : Elizabeth Gilbert
  • Genre : Experience

The book is Elizabeth Gilbert’s search for life in Italy, Indonesia and India after her failed and unhappy marriage. The book talks about her travels to discover the things she has been missing out on : pleasure, devotion and balance.

She learns to speak italian in Rome, attends an Ashram in Indian to seek enlightenment and meets a medicine man in Bali who offers her a new path to peace. It is an exciting journey!

#5 Kill Alex Cross

  • Author : James Patterson
  • Genre : Crime

Detective Alex Cross is the first person on scene when the President’s son and daughter get kidnapped. Later, when the DC water supply gets poisoned, he realizes that this is the beginning of the most devastating terrorist attack the US has ever experienced.

He has to solve both crimes before disaster strikes. How will he do it? I suggest you read this intriguing novel to find out!

#6 The Wedding

  • Author : Nicholas Sparks
  • Genre : Romance

The sequel to the famous novel ‘The Notebook’ , this book is about the love and marriage between Noah and Allie’s (from the Notebook) daughter and her husband.

Wilson and Jane have been married for 30 years but now they have grown apart. Wilson still loves Jane and he sets out to find his way back into her heart. The book is a beautiful story of love and strength.

#7 Percy Jackson series

  • Author : Rick Riordan
  • Genre : Adventure

So if you are into books of adventure and fun, this book series is a great pass time.

Percy Jackson has just found out that he is a half-blood, the child of Poseidon, God of Sea and a mortal woman. He has to fight to save other half-bloods by saving Camp Half-Blood. In order to do so, he has to find the golden fleece and fight the sea of monsters. It is the most exciting child drama!

There are 3 more parts to the series.

#8 The Girl on the Train

  • Author : Paula Hawkins
  • Genre : Mystery

Rachel catches the same train every morning which passes through a row of houses. She feels like she even knows one of the happy couples she sees through the window everyday. If only she could be as happy as them.

But suddenly, one day she sees something shocking from the train which changes everything. Now suddenly Rachel has a chance to become a part of the lives she only saw from far.

Now, she’s so much more than the girl on the train

#9 The Secret

  • Author : Rhonda Byrne

I’ll be honest, this book is literally one of the most motivating, life changing books of all time. The Secret cannot be explained, you have to read it to find out but I will say that through this, you will come to know how you can be, have or do anything you want. You will come to know the true magnificence that awaits you. You will know who you really are.

(Rumour has it, when you need answers to any difficulty in life, open a random page from the book and you get your answer. How awesome is that?!)


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