6 problems every person faces while travelling in Delhi

In this busy city life, where everyone is struggling to make a name in the myriad of difficulties, travelling becomes an inseparable part of our lives. Travelling from one place to another can be a hectic and cumbersome task, especially if the distance is a problem. But we can’t ignore the other problems that are faced by people irrespective of any distance; the problems that come along with travelling. We all must have had our share of bad experiences from travelling in a metro, or any other transport. But then, we all end up getting used to it.

Let us take a look at 6 problems every person faces while travelling in Delhi

  1. Lack of etiquettes- Travelling in buses and metros could have been a lot easier only if people knew how to follow the rules and use the right mannerisms. We often come across people who are ‘queue breakers.’ Breaking the queue is like a ritual which they follow without fail. Not only this, but pushing each other in vehicles is a common problem too. Many a times, the car drivers are too lazy to use the gift of indicators, causing problems to the moving traffic. Often, the buses and metros become too crowded that people start pushing one another in order to to get their space. Also, people don’t give way to others, which leads to a whole lot of chaos. We tend to show every bit of an etiquette in the comfort of our homes, parties and gatherings, but when it comes to public transport, we keep the etiquettes at one side and squeeze our way out, through others.
  1. Strong-headed auto-walas- Another common problem which we all have probably faced in our lives is the extra money that the auto-walas charge from the people. More often than not, they deny charging according to the meter which at times, is enough to burn holes in the pocket. Also, there are so many times, when the auto-walas simply refuse to go to a certain place, adding up to the despair of people.
  1. Eve teasing- Though this problem is not just limited to the transport system, but it poses a huge concern for girls travelling in the public transports. Passing inappropriate comments, continuous staring and following, and ‘pretending’ to touch the private parts by mistake, are some of the problems that a woman faces while travelling. Most girls choose to ignore these but it isn’t a solution. These sorts of things happen on an everyday basis and it doesn’t seem to stop. Assigning specific coaches and seats to women may have helped in reducing the problem, but the evil mindset continues to emerge.
  1. Ignorance of traffic rules- Breaking the traffic signal by people is a common phenomenon that occurs on a daily basis. There are so many times when people just jump the red lights, either because they are in a ‘hurry’ or are too special to wait for such a minute event where the red light turns to green. However, this is a major cause of concern for people crossing the road and to other moving vehicles from different directions. This, many a times, leads to jams and accidents.
  1. The ones mostly standing in buses- More often than not, many men are seen standing in the public transport as compared to women. We may fail to see it at times, but a man can be as tired as a woman; or maybe more. Having reservation is a good thing, but it should not be something that must be taken undue advantage of. There are times when women make the men stand from seats that are not even reserved. This may not be a common occurrence, but it does happen. Seats must be given to those who are really in need. And that doesn’t necessarily mean women.
  1. Pollution- As busy as city Delhi is, pollution is an indispensable part of it. The ever growing number of vehicles and their emissions add on to the existing higher levels of pollution. But apart from this, a major problem is the noise pollution that fills up the air. Until and unless you have earphones plugged in, the only sounds you can hear of, is the never ending horns and swear words. Trying to make your way through the crowd, or being the reason why the entire traffic isn’t moving, either way you become the target for all the abuses that the person knows of.

There are certain issues which are not under our control, but we sure can make travelling easier for ourselves and others by taking care of things that occur mainly due to our negligence and careless attitude and are a huge cause of annoyance and problems.

[author image=”http://www.aapkatimes.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/Munazza-Ansar.jpg” ]I am Munazza Ansar, pursuing Bachelor’s in Social Work from Jamia Millia Islamia University. I have a keen interest in writing about the prevalent social issues and working for them.[/author]

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