21 MBBS students suspended over ragging in Kerala’s Malappuram college


  • Malapurram,Kerala:
  • 23-12-2016

Around 21 students have been suspended at a government medical college of Malappuram district of Kerala after complaint of extreme ragging lodged on Monday.

Around 40 freshers have alleged that they were forced to drink polluted water and clean toilets as part of ragging by senior students.Action was taken when 1st year students lodged a complaint about the same with the college administration.

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Investigation in the case has been started by the college’s internal committee.Three professors of the college are working with the police to investigate the allegation.

Just few days ago, from an another government college in Kerala’s Kottayam , five college students were arrested after a junior student who was stripped and badly tortured had to be taken to hospital with a kidney malfunction.

“Accommodations where freshers are accommodated should be carefully guarded by a warden. Also, the entry of seniors and outsiders shall be prohibited after specified hour of night to prevent such incidents.”says Supreme Court’s guidelines.


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