2017 : The Year of Decline for Saffron ABVP

Though the campuses across the nation were divided by territories, boundaries but all unite together to defeat the Violent agenda of ABVP.

The nearest police station of the College was informed about the incident and they were rushing to the college. The Campus was tense as a Political Group threatened administration to withdrew the permission given to seminar Group who were Organizing a Seminar on some “”CONTROVERSIAL”” topic.

If you think this a scene of Delhi University or Jawaharlal Nehru University, Think Again. If you think this pattern of disturbing seminars, threating teachers, and perpeturating violence is limited to DU or JNU, Think Again. This has been spread across the campuses right after the General Elections 2014 and with BJP came into Power.

Well, and there’s no point of guessing which Political Student is behind all this, AKhil Bhartiya Vidhyarthi Parishad.

February witness terrible violent atmosphere when group of Teachers and students were brutally thrashed by ABVP members. Students and Teachers were protesting against the Ramjas Incident where an event “Cultural of Protest” was called off owing to the massive violent outbrust from ABVP as on the speaker of the event was JNU-ite Umar Khalid.

Another Such Incident was happened in Punjab University when SFS called a Protest Demo against the Ramjas Incident. One of the speakers during the incident put a light on the NHRC report about Army Personnel Rape cases in Chhattisgarh. One could not even imagine this would turned violent with ABVP members thrashing speakers and repeating what their DU Unit had done a while back.

Many Such Incidents have been surfaced in last couple of months that made an atmosphere of fear and Violence in the campuses which later paved the way for Setback for the Saffron wing in all major University Union Elections.

Delhi University Elections

It was an open secret after the Ramjas Incident that majority of students don’t want their University Campus like this and it was never like this. The Pretext of the Elections was written way back just after the Ramjas Incident when more than 5000 Students choose to raise their violence perpeturated by ABVP though University goes on Polls much later in September. The Message of those thousands were clear “University is a Place where Head should be held high and mind is without fear”. As expected DUSU (Delhi University Students’ Union) saw initial tussle between left Leaning AISA and ABVP but it was Congress Backed NSUI who got benifitted in the end. Completely sweeping for last three years, ABVP on this occasion manages to retain only Secretary and Joint Secretary. While 30% of total votes were polled on NOTA. Similar scripts where re-written in other campuses.

Elections at HCU and JNU

There’s absolutely clear for both the campuses that their vote is against whom. JNU saw left Alliance minus AISF while HCU witnessed Alliance for Social Justice versus ABVP + OBCF alliance on other end. Najeeb Disappearance, GSCASH and Admin-ABVP nexus occupied the issues of JNUSU Elections and in the end Left Alliance swept on all central panel posts while ABVP drawing a blank. ABVP came second while BAPSA (Birsa Phule Ambedkar Student Association) manages to registered its strong presence in the campus with a increase in their vote share. Same scenes were from Hyderabad Central University where ASJ won by 6-0 on central Panel.

Similar results were reported from Punjab University, Tripura and other campuses which give   a hint of growing disenchantment of among youth with RSS backed Organizations.

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