The issue of change in name and Bifurcation of Dyal Singh College!

The name of Dyal Singh College (Evening) has been changed to ‘Vande Mataram College’ and it has been converted into a full fledged morning college within the same building and area where classes of morning college also takes place. While students and professors have been protesting against the change as the college lacks basic infrastructure to sustain and support over 10K students within same premises.

Instead of improving the facilities, the chairman of the college physically assaulted the protesting students yesterday when meeting regarding this was going on in college. He bypassed all existing mechanisms and overruled the dissent from students and professors. He with all due support from ABVP posted his decision on facebook and glorified the bifurcation.

Swali Prakash who is one of the leading protester against this bifurcation said “The chairman yesterday did not listen to any of us and he went ahead dictatorially with the decision. We have no problem with making evening college a morning one but all students from morning and evening are asking is where is the infrastructure? Our classes already starts at 8am and we are in college till 5pm, how will they sustain two colleges running parallely with already lacking infrastructure.”

Vikas Raj, a second year student said “The Dyal Singh College was named on Dyal Singh Majithia who was a social reformer and the change from his name depicts how abvp and administration want to impose their narrow narrative and nationalism on students. While a university is a space where free thoughts can be celebrated, where ideas of masculine and toxic nationalism can be questioned and where secularism and discussion can be harmonized. By putting such names the college administration and ABVP are intensifying their attacks further. It started from distorting history, putting war tanks, then by physical attacks and now by changing and removing all traces of progressive thoughts away. It is a warning for students and professors to wear patriotic jingoistic fervor on their sleeves and to paint all other thoughts as anti-national. “

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