And again this day marked its significance after 2 years but this time in the form of terrorism. On a chilly winter day in Peshawar, when parents prepared their children for schools they didn’t know this the last time they are dressing them up.

On Tuesday six militants of “Tehreek-e-taliban” stormed the premises of Army public School in the cantonment area of Peshawar and shot dead more than 140 people, 132 of them were students. Like a fox they were seeking for their prey from one classroom to another .They entered the school in green and grey salwar-kameez uniform around 10a.m via graveyard.
TTP spokesperson Muhammad Khorasani said in a statement that “we claim responsibility. We have sent six attackers. They have been ordered to shoot older students not the minor ones . we want them to feel the pain we have felt before . ” confirmed form leading tabloid.

The target killers and the suicidal killers spread across the four building of the school. Teachers were burnt brutally in front of the children. Khorasani claimed that Taliban was compelled to attack because of the operation Zarb-e-Azb and operation Khyber-I.

Now the question is why to drag the innocents in this war. Is it a right way to take your revenge ? On one hand you talk about the pain your family have suffered and on other hand you are doing the same with the innocent children who were actually unaware of the fact this the last time they are entering the school because when they will go they all will be wrapped in the white burial shrouds.
Now you have killed their children, they will kill yours. When will this stop? Have you ever thought about that mother who must be blaming herself for sending her child to School? Have you ever thought how that father must be feeling who left his boy in uniform and his child returned in caskets?
School is considered as lucid place, But who knows that they won’t be see their parents again.

This was a horrifying event that took place in Peshawar . Not only families it’s a nation’s loss. We should come together and pray for the one who lost their loved ones and unite to root out the terrorism of our nation. Our condolences to the families .May their souls rest in peace.

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