The Zee Jaipur Literature Festival – 2015

The craze for literature is evident in the present generation. Not only students but almost every strata of the population is now getting in touch with literature and is forming a part of the readership. Novels, novellas, short stories, poetry, dramas in any regional or international language, in form of paperback, hard cover or eBooks are now read and enjoyed by a great number of people across the India. And to encourage the reading audience in India there are many interesting festivals and fairs that are conducted by various institutions, with or without the aid of government. One of it is the popular World Book Fair which is held in February in Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. And the other remarkable event for all literature enthusiasts is the Jaipur Literature Fest or popularly known as JLF.

The JLF is the Literature Festival organized in Diggi House, Swami Ram Singh Road in Jaipur and is known to be the world’s largest free literary event. The JLF was first held in 2006 has today become a cultural catalyst not only in India but all across the globe. Nobel Laureates, Writers, Musicians, Poets, Actors, Directors and every person who has a fetish for literature seems never to miss the opportunity of being a part is of this enriching and entertaining festival at Jaipur.
Zee JLF is the event which incorporates book release, debates and discussions on various national and international topics by the famous and renowned speakers. Apart from the literary discussions, there are some interesting attractions for the audiences like writing competitions, contests, performances by famous dramatists and musicians and the like. Students from schools and colleges enjoy the festival and this festival now attracts all age-groups and has a mixed audience.

The much awaited JLF is now going to be held on 21st -25th January 2015. This year also it will entice its audience with great and popular list of panellists, speakers and discussions. The speakers list for 2015 JLF has been announced and it includes some of the new yet interesting as well as famous and renowned personalities. Some of the speakers are Aakar Patel, Adam LeBor, Ahmed Rashid, Aidan Singh Bhati, Akhil Sharma, Alberto Manguel, Alexander Kozlov, Alexis Wright, Ali Cobby Eckerman, Alka Pande, Ambika Dutt, Amish Triapthi, Amit Chaudhuri, Anandita Ghose, Anchee Min, Anuradha SenGupta, Arshia Sattar, Arvind Krishna Mehrotra, Ashok Ferry, Barry Flood, Bettany Hughes, Cat Weatherhill, Chetan Bhagat, Cornelia Funke, Daud Ali, Elizabeth Gilbert, Esther David, Hanif Kureishi, Javed Akhtar, John Elliot, Kalyan Ray, Lauren Child, Mihir Sharma, Nils Nodberg, Raj Kamal Jha, Sam Miller, Shashi Tharoor, Sheldon Pollock, VS Naipaul, Waheeda Rehman and many other famous personalities. All the speakers are from all domains of media, some are writers, some dramatists, some actors or directors, some poets and some editors, some award winners and some politicians.

Listening to their debates and discussing, engulfing oneself to the world of the author, knowing about their inspirations and thoughts behind the books and learning so many interesting motivational tips from them is really an out of this world experience and people who have developed their tastes of literature and are willing to indulge into it, should visit JLF. If you are planning to visit then you can register yourself for free and the media has to pay some charges for its entry. To know more about the event, contests, registrations, speakers, visit their official website that is

This festival is an amalgamation of fun, learning, sharing and gaining experiences, and if possible then do visit this exciting place.

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