10 reasons why guys absolutely Love to date Miranda House girls

Well, we all are aware of the charms of a Mirandian. If you’ve been lucky enough to know one, you know what we’re talking about. If not, we’re gonna tell you why you should.

1. Beauty

Mirandians define beauty. In some cases, you literally won’t be able to take your eyes off them. They are downright gorgeous.

2. Brains

Oh yes! They are brilliant. Not only do they have a pretty face, but also an intelligent brain. And who wouldn’t want to date these beauties with brains.

3. Interesting conversations

You’re gonna have really indulging conversations with these pretty ladies. They can talk on any topic, be it sports, politics, books or fashion. Trust me, getting bored won’t longer be an option for you.


4. Confidence

Who doesn’t love confident women?
Right from their walk to their talks, they ooze confidence. They are sure of themselves. Even among a crowd, you can easily point out a Mirandian.

5. Fun loving

Be it an adventure or partying, they are totally up for it. They love to have fun and if you’re with them, you’re gonna have the time of your life.

6. Dressing sense

No matter what attire they choose to wear, they can pull it off effortlessly. And (need I say this?), they look stunning!

7. Food

Miranda House is situated in the North Campus. And being in Miranda, these ladies are familiar with the hundreds of places North Campus offers for delicious food. Whether you have a hundred bucks or a thousand, they’ll easily find a place for your budget.

8. Open minded

You can easily talk about anything to them without worrying about being judged for anything.


If you are dating a Miranda House girl, you are for sure dating a feminist. Feminism literally runs in their blood.feminism gif

10. Self reliant

Mirandians are independent and self reliant. The like their space and would also give you yours.

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