5 Mistakes to avoid on first day of college

Colleges are all set to open its doors for first year students. College is fantastic! No, really – it’s probably the most awesome time you’ll ever have in your life! And to make this lifetime experience even better, try not to make mistakes that may keep coming up in your coming college years! Since you just stepped out of schedule bound schools you might stumble a little here and there in this new independent zone. Don’t worry, like always we’ve got you covered. We tell you few things that you should avoid doing on first day of college:

#1 Being Pretentious
1There is simply no need to try and become someone who you aren’t! Try to become comfortable in your own skin. Pretending to be someone else has many drawbacks but the most important one is – that you won’t be able to make real friends because they will be friends with your pretentious side not your real side.

#2 Trying to impress everyone2It’s nice to have more and more people in your circle but that doesn’t mean that you will go around impressing everyone. Never try to impress everyone because even if you are the juiciest and the most perfect peach then also there will be someone out there who will hate peaches.

#3 Being an introvert3You may not try to impress everyone but be open to at least a handful of people with whom your friendship will grow with time. We know it is better to have few trustworthy people who always have your back rather than marching around with troupe of people and to find those few trustworthy people you gotta step out of your “secluded zone“.

#4 Not being Confident4It’s just your first day in an independent, free zone, not you board exam viva! Therefore there is no reason for being low on confidence. All you gotta do is dress up for yourself, stand straight and have a smile on your face, that’s it! Wasn’t it way too easy?!

#5 Being overly talkative5I know we only told you to be real and be yourself but first day is way too early to open up your talkative side. Since it isn’t school anymore where you would be knowing everyone therefore you need time to know people and let people know you.


So keep these few things in mind, and you’re all set to go!

[author image=”http://www.aapkatimes.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/IMG-20150618-WA0073.jpg” ]Aditi is currently pursuing law from IPU. Reading books and writing is her ultimate getaway from the world.[/author]



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