Why I am An Atheist by Bhagat Singh & A poem dedication


By Anadika Guleria Azaad

The following video is about the book written by Shaheed e Azam Bhagat singh Sandhu, while he was in jail for the freedom of India . As a token for his sacrifice and the unmatched love for his country our editor Anadika Guleria Azaad wrote a poem in his memory titled “Yeh dastan meri Ankho dekhi hai” (I am the witness of this story ).

Yeh Dastaan meri Ankho Dekhi hai
By Anadika Guleria Azaad.

Ibteda hui hai ek nayi inquilab ki
Khoon si lal Khoon si garhi hai yeh seyahi
A revolution has started,the ink from which I write is as thick and red as blood
Hazraat sunno kaisi Yeh ajeeb sehar hai ayi
O people listen! What kind of strange dawn is it ?
Jisne ander k junoon se mulakaat hai karai
Which has made me realised my inner passions
Bukh,bebasi ityadi or apne haq ki hai ladai
This fight is now for our rights ,hunger,helplessness etc
Ay Anadi Hath ab utheinge wirodh k liye bhut ho gyi khudayi
Oh Anadi, now shall our hands be raised in protest but not prayers.
Ab na ho paygi junoon e inquilab se Judai
Now we can not be separated from the passion for revolution
Mere dill ki shariq e hayat azadi hai
Now The love of my life (wife) is freedom
Rosh mein umhda Josh nahi hai
This passion has not emerged from anger
Yeh dastaan meri ankho dekhi hai
I am the witness of this story

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