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Upper age limit for UPSC IAS exam may soon be cut to 26 years

UPSC could soon rethink the age criteria of the highly prestigious civil services entrance test examination as Economics Times sources quoted.Presently the lower limit for the exam is fixed at 21 years, while the upper limit is 32 years for general category candidates. The age limits vary in case of caste-based reservations.
ET Sources have reportedly told ET Now that the existing age criterion might be axed soon, and that the upper limit might be brought down. If that comes to be, the upper age limit will then be 26 years instead of the current 32 years. No reduction in upper age limit has been prescribed for SC/ST candidates from the current 37 years.
Under the new supposed plan, UPSC is looking to lower down the upper age limit by 6 years over a period of 5 to 7 years. This would help insulate the aspirants currently preparing for the exam.According to ET Now, sources have said that the 32-year-olds are too old to be recruited in IAS, IFS and IPS.

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