University of Delhi: Love Birds’ habitat

[box type=”info” ]“Love isn’t something you find. It’s something that finds you.”[/box]

They say we’re too young to understand love but may be they’re too old to understand us. Love birds of Delhi University feel love inspires beautiful gestures. Love makes them starry eyed. It makes them swoon. Some experiences are bitter and other are rotten.Only once in your life I truly believe , you find someone who can completely turn your world around. You tell them things that you’ve never shared with another soul and they absorb everything you say and actually want to hear more. They share hopes for the future , dreams that may or may not be achieved and many cruel happiness life has thrown at them.

Some folks joins co educational colleges for the very first time. They may find strange to digest in these colleges where there are so many species of opposite gender. If a guy is introduced to a group of pretty girls , they go apple red. It’s hard for them to initiate a simple conversation.But it’s common for some guys and girls who have already been studying in the co- ed schools.

You can witness many love birds in DU premises. There are some who reveals every bit of their relationship not keeping as a secret while others aren’t that lively.You could see true lovers holding hands, studying, eating together be it in the college canteen , library or play ground. Even the studious ones start getting bad grades as a result of bunking classes .University of Delhi surrounds the entire Delhi be it North, East, West ,South. It gives them the most significant thing that is “INDEPENDENCE” . They are free from household chores, they got to spend quality time with each other , because our city offers some exotic superb places to hangout be it Cafe Coffee day at Cannaught place or big yellow door of Satyaniketan or maybe Starbucks. So, the love birds get cosier as there is hardly any fear among them.

We can see some lovers hugging and giggling each other around the campus. Some guys are seen buying flowers, chocolates and teddies to make her girl feel special. The grand festival for these couples is ‘Valentine’s Day ‘. The love birds may be witnessed buying largesse for their paramours.

It’s an Achilles heel for the girls who study in a girls college. Some are acting as busy bee, talking to their boyfriends ; some are seen taking selfies and sending it to their Romeo’s . Other’s are discovered sending messages at the last seats of class room . They feel inquisitive to meet their admirers after the lectures.

In co ed colleges, some girls and guys are also seen day dreaming. There is no paucity for gays and lesbians in the Delhi University premises.Consequently, love is in the air and like magic it surrounds you.

[author image=”” ]Mahek Dua is a second year student, she is the first person in her family to persue English honors from Delhi university. She is a compassionate supporter on feminism related issues, and dedicated to informing those around her of the good which can be done. She enjoy spending times with her family, helping her mum in making palatable dishes. She is benevolent, art lover and coffee addict. She believes in “Work is worship”. She enjoys moonlight strolls on the beach, red roses by the armful, and participation dances.[/author]

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