Two groups of students clash in Baba Ghulam Shah Badshah University in Jammu and Kashmir

Two group of students clashed with each other in Baba Ghulam Shah Badshah University in Jammu and Kaashmir’s Rajouri on April 18. For the past few days, there was some tension growing up between two group of students( locals and those from valley) which eventually resulted in clash between the two groups. Both group of students pelted stones on each other and set vehicles including 2-3 motorcycles on fire.

There are no reports of anyone getting seriously injured in the clash that erupted there. Police have rushed to the spot and situation is being brought under control. The NIT Srinagar incident flared up a debate on Nationalism after local kashmiri students clashed with non-locals students and the Non-Kashmiri students alleged that the state police assaulted them on the campus. The clash which broke out in Rajouri can be viewed as another incident in the series of assaults and clashes involving students from valley.

In the aftermath of NIT Srinagar incident, several incidents involving alleged attack on Kashmiri students have been reported from different parts of India. Reports of kashmiri students assaulted in Jodhpur’s Vyas Dental College, suspension of nine Kashmiri students in Chittorgarh’s Mewar University over clashes on India-West Indies match; these are to name few.

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