Top 5 selling SUVs in India

With the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019, we are most likely to see car marquees trying to dominate the Indian market. As companies like MG, KIA, Peugeot, and Tesla are planning on gaining a head start, they might have to understand how the Indian Automobile giants work and what customers like.

In past decade, the demand of SUVs has increased amongst the audience and that’s the reason companies focus more towards the low budget SUVs. Here are the 5 best SUVs in India

– Maruti Vitara Brezza

The Vitara Brezza is actually one of the best looking and the value for money SUV from one of the oldest automobile company in India. When it comes to Indian market, Maruti understand it well and the Vitara Brezza is the proof of that as it is also the most selling SUV in India.

Introduced in the year 2016, Maruti has already sold more than 13,000 units, till March 2018. Its small size, modern design, reliable engine, low cost of ownership with high ergonomics as well as practicality with the most reasonable price tag are the biggest reason for its fan following. It was the best-selling car of November 2018 as it has sold over 14,000 SUVs till date which is 4000 more than the second most selling car.

– Hyundai Creta

The Hyundai Creta can be taken as Hyundai’s biggest hits in the Indian market, with more than 10,000 units sold, it is the second most selling SUV in India.  This mid-size SUV has one of the best-looking exteriors, comes loaded with hi-end features, has a powerful engine and good fuel economy, is quite luxurious and fits the requirement of an average Indian family.   

Not only that, one of the biggest factors for its fame is its wide variety of options and trim level that it offers at an affordable price range.

– Mahindra XUV 500

Just like the Maruti, Mahindra also has a keen understanding of the Indian market and the Mahindra Scorpio being their most-selling SUV ever has become an icon in the country. The Mahindra XUV 500 is the second most loved Mahindra car. This, 5-seater full-size SUV is famous for its look and features it offers. Unlike the Scorpio, the XUV 500 is more of a luxury SUV, designed to show class and style and is pretty famous among ministers. But none of these takes away its off-roading capacity as this huge beast can survive some tough terrains.

-Jeep Compass

Jeep is a world-famous company that needs no introduction, from manufacturing the toughest off-roader to the fastest SUV on the planet this company have achieved many feats and dominated many car markets across the globe. And when it comes to India, the Jeep Compass is their most successful product so far. From the year 2017, Jeep has sold more than 2000 units.

When it comes to the Car, it is a modern looking SUV, it is stylish, looks aggressive, has a powerful engine, premium interior, and is a pretty capable off-roader. The Compass is capable of being your daily commuter or an off-roader but rules on the highways, other than being family friendly this SUV can quickly hit the numbers as well, which makes driving fun.        

-Toyota Fortuner

The Toyota Fortuner is India’s most loved premium SUV and when it comes to size it is massive, even the XUV 500 looks small in front of the Fortuner. The Toyota Fortuner is so capable that it has no rival that can match its might. Well, when it comes to price it is not in the affordable segment but for the specs it offers, it is a value for money deal.     

The Fortuner is famous due to its premium designed luxurious interiors, modern exteriors, massive interior space, powerful engine and great off-roading capacity with four-wheel drive and many more.

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