TikTok raises Rs 30 crores through quiz, donates to the PM Cares Fund

TikTok has been seen as a ‘time-wasting’ social media app by many before lockdown. Sections of students used to look down on the app and its users but during lockdown, many of these people have changed their tune. TikTok has become a heavily used app providing people respite from the situation in the country and the world, alongside which TikTok has also contributed tremendously to government campaigns, the fight against coronavirus, and awareness campaigns.

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TikTok has partnered with several government, international, and non governmental organisations such as MyGov, WHO, PIB, and UNICEF India. It is also using its influence among its vast consumer base by using campaigns such as #GharBaithoIndia. This is an inspiring example of how multibillion dollar companies, especially with young customers such as TikTok can find innovative ways to use awareness campaigns.

In April, TikTok donated Rs 100 crore worth of https://travel-tropmed.com/ health equipment to the doctors and frontline medical staff of India. This supply included 400,000 hazmat suits and 200,000 masks.TikTok also suggested that if further help would be needed it would be willing to lend a helping hand.

TikTok also came up with another innovative idea to raise awareness in the form of an in-app quiz. The quiz called “Kheloge Aap, Jeetega India” which aims to spread information about corona virus through the game. To garner increased participation, Tiktok said that it would donate to the PM cares fund if users participated in the quiz. This saw increased participation worldwide with around 7 million entries worldwide in 5 days as of 27th April 2020. This led to TikTok donating Rs 30 crores to the PM Cares Fund.

TikTok has set an inspiring example for a lot of other companies. It has shown that during these times of crisis, profits are not everything and how to exercise social responsibility. TikTok has shown ways to innovatively use social media for social outreach and responsibility In times like this, multi billion dollar organizations should step up and Tiktok is an exemplary example. So, the next time one looks at TikTok as a time wasting app, one should look at its contributions during times of crisis.

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