A Needle in my arm,
A needle in yours,
The only color we
Share is red.


This is definitely very well followed by the NGO-The saviours. Started by tech- entrepreneurand novelist, KunalSaraff one and a half year ago, every day is achieving new heights.

The best thing about this NGO is that it is not limited to its primary job of arranging emergency blood donors only but it takes part in other social responsibilities.


On 2 nd july2016, TheSaviours arranged a visit to Panchvati old age home. There people there were excited about their visit. The Saviours played songs for them, played various indoor games with them and did every possible thing to make the moment special for them.

Some of the elderly people who were not able to come out from their rooms the NGO-members went from room to room to meet them.

One such member, Riyasinghal said, “I met an old lady over there who was from west Bengal. She had some expertise with palm reading and she patiently tried to gave an insight about our future through her skills. We all were so happy”.

“she talked to us like a carefree child and asked us to come again with time” added Nishantdhillon.

The elderly people really enjoyed the presence of these youngsters.
Another member Janvi said, “I met an lady her name was Rama .she was really very adorable. When we were taking selfie , she innocently said, dekhomamdamji Canada se aayi hai,America jarhi hai, and we all started laughing”.

All the members of the NGO and the elderly people spent a great time with each other.

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