The odd shade of “Odd-Even”

In this phase of Indian politics, Aam Aadmi Party has turned out to be a real game changer gaining grounds as a popular urban party which can govern according to the desires of middle class families. After coming into existence on 26th November 2012, it has no doubt touched some important and valid issues like Electricity, Water Supply, Pollution,Traffic Congestion and School Admissions. AAP came to power highlighting these issues only. Now, even a cursory glance on “Policy Making” of Kejriwal gov’t makes it obvious that there is not much difference between AAP and other parties.

The much talked about “Odd-Even Scheme” which is the best example where we see a temporary solution to a problem instead of an attempt to deal with it on daily basis, recognising the fact there’s no permanent solution to this.

By the odd-even scheme, we all know Delhi Government is trying to ease traffic congestion but nowhere we see the transport Minister and Chief Minister himself addressing the real issue of availability of affordable public transport.

AAP in it’s manifesto promised concessional metro passes for senior citizens and students, still we see no development regarding this. Delhi’s public transport needs to be improved to check the pollution in capital, only if we are seriously concerned about it.

Temporary measures like “Odd-even” model should be promoted and should be used to raise awareness campaigns but the government should look after measures which can be taken up to deal with pollution problem on daily basis. In favour of marginalised “Aam Aadmi”.

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