Terrorism- a word which leaves every Indian in the horrifying memories of Mumbai and some other brutal massacres.A word which draws an image of animals like Ajmal Kasab and Osama bin laden.Terrorism has been an issue which has been transforming the attitudes, fears and mindsets of people in India and some other countries.  The world trade centre attack and Taj attack have been some disasters which raised some big questions on humanity. The brutal killing of innocent and loss of national property have been some adverse effects of these disasters. Terrorism not only killed the innocent but also increased the bitterness in the international relations explicably.

Apart from these questions on humanity , what is a big and shocking point to be discussed is that the terrorists who are trained for such inhumane tasks are hypnotized in such a way that they think themselves to be god man and offered heaven after death.The interrogation results show that the terrorists never agreed to commit crime and found to be happy after such inhuman acts.Innocent children and mothers were dead shot in the terrorism attacks and the massacre left a black spot on the beauty of humanity and mankind.

Terrorism has been an issue needing some urgent alterations and steps to counter .These attacks make a negative change in the economy of nation and a permanent fear in the mind of general masses. The common man fears to travel in train , to go to supermarkets in festival time and a mother fears that her child would return safely home or not.

Terrorism makes a big contribution in the building of negative image of a nation.India has faced many huge terrorist attacks in the metro cities and the time was just not less to recover from these attacks. Terrorism cannot be stopped without making some serious actions and enforcing some strict laws. The government and security departments always get awake after the attacks and the effective security arrangements are applied only for a little time after that.
It takes a great courage and support for a country to overcome such attacks.

Overall I can sum up as follows:

Oh terrorist oh terrorist dont kill my son, father!!
Take our money , or assets take any rather!!
It takes us years to overcome and get over these attacks oh dear!!
And these gunshots last for long in our years and build a fear!!
Love your county , love your people you wont get anything after killing us now!!
You will be cursed and wont be able to survive somehow!!


Submitted by:
Puneet Aggarwal

One thought on “Terrorism

  1. An appreciating view on terrorism , but what is the need of the hour is to analyse the cases that is being handled by our national investigating agencies . There are innumerable cases of fake encounters , arrest of innocent peopl and their killings in the custody on the name of terrorism .
    We must take these issues into our serious consideration and also ponder upon the fact that why real culprits are left each times..

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