Students rage over the erroneous publication of CBSE +2 Results in Orrisa

  • Manish Kumar Majumdar

Bhubaneswar, Orissa:

With a motto to publish the CHSE +2 results earlier than previous years, the council is facing a lot of trouble. Earlier Orissa faced the same disturbances publishing the 10 result quickly with very poor checking of papers. Hence it Re-Published the results. On 2nd June, 2014, the students gathered the Council’s Office and started shouting for the ill correction of their papers. Now the students are facing a lot of trouble for their admissions to various courses like +3, JEE etc. with such a low marks. Few students didn’t hesitate to say “With these marks it is better to be failed”. What is going with the careers of India’s Youth is really a Question mark in Orissa. With such a fierce attack from the students the council has agreed to provide the students with their answer scripts within 2 days after applying for Xerox Copy. Students have claimed that the Physics and Chemistry Papers have been very badly corrected. Students getting 80-90 in different subjects got 20-30 marks in Physics and Chemistry. This is really a very drastic situation in Orissa. The council has provided the students with 2 toll free numbers for their complaints. The cost of Re-Checking is Rs.300/- and with Photocopy is Rs.600/-. Now the students have to bear the financial burden to prove their mettle and authenticity. The total pass percentage is 68.36 only.

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