Shocking ! What happened at IIMC interview with this Muslim OBC candidate will make you question the prevalent communal prejudice!

Everyone dreams to get enrolled in various colleges.
IIMC is one of the well known colleges for journalism. Recently the process of interviews has been going on. The candidates worked really hard to clear the entrance and have great hopes of becoming the unbiased journalist. But the case of one of the many candidates who appeared for the interview, will definitely shock the nation.

Here is the brutal truth as experienced by Tehseen Ali, a DU graduate made known to us through his facebook post

Sharing my experience about my Interview at IIMC (Radio and TV Journalism)

As I entered the room. There were three Panelist. They already had my registration form which indicates that I’m from Backward Category.

Panelist 2 (who was at the centre): Tehseen how can Muslim be OBC? Muslim doesn’t come under this category or in SC.
Me: No there are castes in Muslims which are backward, though I agree with you that Muslims don’t have SC/ST.

Panelist 2: No No In my ** years of experience I have never seen a Muslim OBC.
Me: But Sir there are Universities that have separate Quota for Muslim OBC. How a Central University can have that Quota if the OBCs in Muslims does not even exist. I have got admission under this Category in DU.

Panelist 2 keeps on shaking his head while I was trying to convince them.

They asked me about if I have the certificate right now. I took out and handed over them, Sir you can check the authenticity of this online.

Panelist 2: Who has issued this?
Me: The person who is supposed to, I keep on asking them to check the authentication of the certificate online.

They (Majorly the P2) keep on shaking his head. While Panelist 1 intervene and Said “We can Leave this to Adminstration and we should continue with the interview”

Panelist 3 (who was in his early 40s) seems to convince with this but central panelist remains unmoved. He picked up his phone and call some SDM (Superintendent District Magistrate)

Then Fortunately, I have been asked questions about my graduation subject, and about my background and why I choose IIMC.

I have responded to every question decently. Then I have a final round Which is piece 2 Camera, where I have to face the camera for a minute and have to put my view on any of the topic of my Choice. Yes, that was the instruction given to us by faculty when we were waiting outside.

Panelist 3 now go to camera what’s your topic?
Me: I would like to speak on Presidential Election 2017. (Yes that was my choice)

Panelist 2 (then central panelist) shouted and Said No, I want you to speak on Nayak.
Me: Naiyak? Sorry?
Panelist: The Naik, who was radicalizing Muslim Youths.
Me: It downed upon me a second later, that he is talking about Zakir Naik.
Me: Sir, can you give a minute or 30 sec atleast to form my opinion?
Panelist 2 : NO.

And I freak out and went almost blank in front of camera.

Here what is interesting is that Panelist 2 who has not even asked a single question to me, except blaming Muslim for being OBC as well as cursing Akhliesh Sarkar ( As I’m from UP) suddenly got up interested and change my topic for Piece 2 Camera.

Why he called SDM in between my interview?
Was that an attempt to make me nervous?
Was all that drama about Muslims being belong to OBC or not, was all that intentional to make me blank and in an uncomfortable position which would probably give reason to give me low marks?

This is first time in my life that I have been to this kind of discrimination.

Actually, I have paid a price for something which I have not followed for years. 😉



(Note: Candidate’s name is changed on his request)

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