Semester Break – Do’s and Dont’s

First of all, a hearty congratulations to everyone who has just gone through the toughest one month of the year by giving their semester examinations. All the students work their best, put in all efforts and do as much as they could to get hold of notes, understand them, learn them and then write all on their answer sheets. Semester exams are a difficult phase for every student be it the science, arts or commerce students and everyone deserves a break after this. And now is the time of “semester break”.

Well, all are excited about what to do in semester breaks, we often pre-plan things with our friends, and families. Some people think of traveling abroad or out of station, to party with friends, to go for get-togethers, celebrate festivals together. On the other hand, there are some people who always end up spending all their vacations in bed, watching television series, movies and gaining weight. That is not a problem because holidays do tend to make us more lazy and we all like to be in bed all day and night. But here are some easy tips to spend your break constructively so that before you join college you would feel relaxed and will also have achieved something. Constructive break might sound boring but it need not be so. One has to find a sound balance between things they like to do and things that are good for them. Here are some easy guides, you can opt for as many things you want and even do certain things in combinations to fill your each day with activities and fun.

#1 The most priority and advice to spend holidays in the best possible way would to be work on your health during this period. We all know how mentally and physically draining exams are, so this post-exam break can be utilized to make up for all the loss. Join some health club or gym. Try cycling, jogging, morning walks, or any sport of your choice. Spend few hours with nature outside and do some physical activity. This will freshen up your mood and relax your burdened muscles and tissues.

#2 Secondly, do something that you wanted to do in this break. Watch the much awaited movies, go fishing, shopping and have fun with your friends. Do not kill your breaks by just sitting idle at home, plan and be creative. Plan some fun parties, learn new things, experience new places and try out new things.
#3 Thirdly, do not let yourself sway in the holiday mood to a great extent and to keep things under control it is necessary that you also keep giving yourself regular reminders about future plans. The future plans pertaining to next semester studies or any other education or career related things can be thought about calmly and settled during the break. Plan about how you are going to spend the next semester or next year of your college.
#4 Fourthly, a brilliant way to spend holidays can be by earning some money or work experience. Being a college student you now have the exposure and capacity to place yourself in the real world and you can use your vacations to sharpen your raw talents. Look for a short term course, online or offline internship or job that will suit you and enhance your talents. Do not look for a money-oriented job as money should be secondary in a student’s life. Keep in mind that you need to learn and gain experience and that should be the foremost idea. Besides that, you get to meet new people and get to enjoy various perks.
#5 And lastly, do something that will satisfy you personally but also not harm anyone around. Take out some time to spend with yourself, read your favorite book, buy your favorite dress, and pamper yourself. Eat healthy and exercise to prepare yourself mentally and physically for the next run in the college life. Listen your favorite music, spend time with friends, and laze around at home. Help your parents, friends and siblings with their chores. Make your trip, feel stress free and enjoy these holidays.

Vacations are necessary breaks from our tireless meticulous lives so do use these vacations in the best possible way. Do live to the fullest so that you can bounce back to busy life with more energy and enthusiasm.

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