Salman Khan says No to marriage

Finally, in the talk show Ek Mulaqat of DD News, Salman Khan discloses off the secret of not settling down.The actor has accepted that he may never marry in life. He further clears that he owns no interest in politics or in directing movies and would continue acting.The box office star accepted this, without any shy and would prefer spending his time for the well being of children.

The Dabangg Khan has at various times hinted at a marriage in the near future, but the same has been a distant dream for his fans so far. Till now, it has been 5 times that Salman almost got married!

Salman’s growing closeness to Romanian girlfriend, Lulia Vantur builds up the rumours of their marriage but soon they went apart. Actress Somy Ali and Former Miss India Sangeeta Bijlani both were linked up with the handsome actor but Somy Ali went back to US while the Former Miss India came so close to the marriage that even the cards got printed but as Salman says, “girls get cold feet” when it comes to marrying him.Later or sooner, Aishwariya Rai came; this was the most reported affair after all it was with world’s most beautiful lady.

Salman khan and Katrina Kaif’s affair was another famous gossip in the B-town, but when media was expecting the marriage between the two, news of their breakup was not far away. While promoting Dhoom 3, actor Aamir Khan said “I want Salman and Katrina to get married”, even this public appeal could not bring both an inch near to matrimony.

The Bollywood star is happy with his social work that he is doing through ‘Being Human’ and wishes to adopt few more places where he can actively engage himself for the betterment of children.

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