It is about much more than, raising voice against injustice or standing for one’s right. It is about thinking of a person, which makes the thinking of the society. There is a need to understand he importance of the fact that women’s status in the society is deteriorating. The males oppress females in every decision they make. They try to grasp her individuality and throw their decisions on them, which they have to follow. This is the bitter truth of patriarchal society where every women is being suppressed by males. We may say that the society is changing, women are competing men, but it is not in every part of the state. It is still prevalent in the lower classes and backward areas of the society. The change cannot be made if we do not alter it from its roots (backward areas and lower classes). The change has to start from the people of the lower classes and backward areas, who are less aware about national and international affairs. The people who belong to lower class, still not allow their girl child to study, explore or earn for their family. All they have to do in the family is learn the household chores, because they say, ‘at the end of everything she has to marry’. She has to live with the cruelty of the society which is upon her. One has to stand out to make a change and start a new beginning for women in these districts.
It is challenging in nature to alter the stereotypes of the lower classes. A woman is independent, responsible, she can take care of her and can stand for herself.

The struggle of a woman starts when she is in the womb of her mother, when society decides to kill her. Her mother stands against the society and give her a new life. A mother’s fight continues when her girl is born to protect her from the atrocities of the society. A woman has to fight against the society is when she decides to get education by going to school and stand for herself. The society is never kind towards her, but she never fails. She sprout up as an independent and responsible mature individual.

It is cruel that how women are positioned in the patriarchal society. Luce Irigary in her essay, “A Literature of their Own : When The Goods Get Together” has refered women as a ‘commodity’ which is transacted between two persons during her marriage. She says that a woman’s desires are always suppressed by a male in every stage. Before her marriage, her father or brother protects her, and after marriage, her husband protects her. A woman desires to be independent but her desires are suppressed by male dominance. Her desires to express herself, and in fact her sexual desires are being suppressed which shows that women are not being equally treated in the society. There is a difference in how women are treated, and it is shown that they are treated. There is a need to minimise this gap.
Even today, in the 21st century, women are used as products to enhance the other products in advertisements. Women’s position is diminishing day by day. We are forgetting her worth and importance. In a way we are disrespecting women. We should never forget the fact, we get our life through a woman, irrespective of our gender. It is the high time that we should start making efforts to give woman a better place in the society.

The people who are more aware about social media and are exposed to various fields, can make a better a wider change in the society. They can also make awareness programmes for people in the rural areas who does not have knowledge about the effect that our economy that can face consequently. Women being educated and high economy has an indirect relation. The more women will be educated, the more they will exposed to national affairs and various fields. and the more we will be able to compete on a national level which will raise our economy. It is important to remove the problem from the root, and here it is the stereotypes of the backward classes which the root cause of this problem and may continue to prevail for next generations too.

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