Religious bias, once again a Girl denied flat in Mumbai for being Muslim


It was not long ago when a youth in Mumbai, the financial capital of our so-called Democracy, was denied a job in a leading diamond export firm on the grounds of being ‘Muslim’ and practicing Islam. This religious discrimination stepped one notch higher yesterday, when a twenty-five year old girl was denied a flat in the city of dreams, Mumbai again, for being a Muslim.

Misbah Qadri, the victim of this religious bias informed that while other girls got a flat, she was forced to sign a rather unreasonable bond, which demanded her to stay mum at any kind of hate crimes because of her religion, and have no objections. Situations got worse when later she was threatened to choose between vacating the house or being taken to the cops.

This was not the first time the girl had to face religious discrimination. She has earlier been given worst plots even for the same amount of money, the reason being her religion. She has faced scepticism for her attire too.

Sixty five years later after the Constitution was adopted, the country still hasn’t been able to adopt the values of the Constitution. Such incidents are a matter of shame for all those who pledge “All Indians are my brothers and sisters”, but don’t have the will to practice that in real life.

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