Recent developments in DU students Union elections 2018

By Anuradadha Mishra

Following the recent developments in Delhi University Students Union elections that took place yesterday, the situation has taken a new turn as the counting of votes, which were postponed for another day have started again from 6 pm onwards today.

The counting of votes earlier, was disrupted several times due to technological glitches in almost six Electronic Voting Machines.
At around 2pm the counting of votes was suspended due to faulty EVM’s followed by protests by all the major students organizations in the campus – AISA, CYSS, ABVP and NSUI – to restart the counting. The university asked the candidates and office bearers to sign a document related to recounting of votes and stop the counting today, the proposal was disapproved by Rocky Tusser, the current DUSU president, who asked the authorities to resume the counting today itself. Tusser also alleged that roughly 1000 votes have been swindled.

The situation is still taking turns with the counting of votes underway, meanwhile Sunny Chhillar from NSUI leads on the presidential post followed by Abhigyan from AISA who is also contesting for the same post. The counting might go in till 10pm tonight.

The total voter turn out recorded yesterday 44.5%, the highest in last 11 years. A profound reflection of the upcoming 2019 Lok Sabha election.

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