This headline will evoke 2 kinds of response. The first one will be that the readers will roll their eyes, shrug and turn the page or skip the article thinking that the columnist is crazy. this reaction will be generated from students of north campus and the people with highly stereotypical belief system.The second type of response would be that the eyeballs of the readers will drop out of the socket and tongue hanging mid air and will eagerly start reading the article. this reaction is expected from south campus students as they desperately look for reasons to be proud of themselves but end up finding none.
What I feel is that this bifurcation of Delhi University into North and South campus is a source of stress to all it’s aspirants.while north campus is considered prestigious, the perception about south campus is absolutely contrary, particullarly if one is a student of RLA, Aryabhatta, ARSD or Motilal Nehru college. Venketeshwar finds no reference here as it is out of league.  the students of south campus shouldn’t be lamenting anymore and thank god that they are atleast a part of campus. though the off campus colleges are excellent such as LSR, Kamla nehru, Gargi, etc.but what the lack is the exposure to university I’ll give some reasons to the south campus students so that they find solace and get a few points to brag about.
    the unbeatable Delhi market that is the ultimate fashion destination for all DU students. laden with latest fashion clothing and accessories, it is a undeniable fact that Sarojini always has supremacy over Kamla Nagar market as the stock, price and bargain are unmatchable.
    The coolest, cheap and greatest variety of food outlets are found can enter a classy restaurant with amazing ambiance and yet end up having a pocket friendly bill. Big yellow door, roof top cafe, chocolate room and the list is endless.
    In south campus it is absolutely impossible that a person will end up feeling lonely. there are all kinds of people. one will find sixty eight percenters and ninety five persenters sitting in the same class so there is a companion foe everyone. nobody here is rendered friend-less.
    There are a barrage of options for off station students. the P.G.s start fro motibagh and end at anand niketan. there is variety in terms of quality, options, facilities, room size, crowd, ambiance, etc. people with low budget find residence in motibagh and anand niketan with P.G.s starting from Rs. 5000 per month.students with extravagant tastes opt for anand niketan which is expensive but worth the money.
  • BEST COACHING INSTITUTES IN SATYA NIKETAN AND NEAR BY PLACES such as chanakya coaching institute, etc. so the students donot have to travel long distances for extra coaching rather they can simply step out of college and enter the study destination.
  • PROXIMITY TO AIIMS, IIT, JNU thus enabling students to mingle with people from all courses here i would like to conclude and appeal to the south campus students that they should be proud of themselves, because south campus too is DELHI UNIVERSITY, most prestigious and sought after Asian university.
 [author image=”” ]I am Isha Choudhary. I am pursuing B.A. hons in English from Motilal Nehru college, university of Delhi. I am interested in content writing and hence I choose Aapka times as I could see in it the best medium to propagate my ideas. My hobbies include reading, writing and debating.[/author]

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