PUTA observed ‘fasting for the sins of their Vice Chancellor

Pondicherry University:
Today, Pondicherry University Teachers’ Association along with other non-teaching associations and students observed ‘Fasting for the Sins of Dr. Chandra Krishnamurthy’ from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. More than 100 employees, students and social activists participated in the ‘fasting’ in spite of the administration issuing an intimidating circular to the employees warning a disciplinary action against those who participate in the event.
Many faculty and social activists condemned the attitude of the Vice Chancellor towards the associations. They said ‘the Vice Chancellor can be removed several times for her bogus CV alone’. They questioned the MHRD ‘how can a person who cheated the MHRD and the President of India, run the second biggest Central University of South India?’ ‘How can a person with fake credentials recruit faculty without indulging in corruption?’ ‘What is MHRD waiting for even though solid evidences of fraud were provide by PUTA?
All the participants felt that these protests must be wake up calls for MHRD and the ministry should remove the Vice Chancellor before the University is totally ruined and irreparably damaged.

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