Pondicherry University Teachers’ Association (PUTA) meets MHRD committee

Pondicherry University:
Pondicherry University Students’ Movement (PUSM) has been protesting for the past 11 days seeking the immediate ouster of the Vice Chancellor, Mrs. Chandra Krishnamurthy. All the students and almost all the faculty are on the roads ever since the protest broke out. In this back ground, the ministry has sent a two member committee (consisting of Shri Amit Shukla, Director Higher Edn. MHRD, Shri K. P. Singh, Joint Secretary, UGC) on the 10th day of the strike. More than 3000 students and 200 faculty gave a roaring welcome to the committee around 5:30 pm.
Pondicherry University Teachers’ Association (PUTA) met the committee on 07-08-2015 around 7 pm and explained the circumstances, which led the PUTA demand the removal of the Vice Chancellor and submitted a memorandum with an attachment listing all the commissions/omissions of Mrs. Chandra Krishnamurthy. The committee gave a patient hearing to the delegation of PUTA (10 faculty members) but gave no assurances. PUTA stressed on immediate removal of VC. The committee left today.
Earlier, in a conversation with one of the MHRD officials, PUTA came to know that the local administration had been sending false reports saying that there are only 300 students participating in the strike. PUTA was shocked and requested the MHRD to assess the quantum of the strike by themselves.As there was no assurance of removal of the Vice Chancellor from the committee, PUTA decided to continue protests.

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