Ph.D. scholars have now direct way to go in teaching faculty of Delhi University

Delhi University is back again in news and this time all for good reasons.  It is striving towards development and reformation of its recruitment system. A notice has been issued by DU administration which states that now any college teacher which has a two year teaching experience or with no mandatory association with any research project can become a teacher guide to M.Phil. Students.

This decision is made after taking thorough rounds of consultation with teaching faculty of the university. It is aimed to increase participation of teachers in research work and thereby increasing the global ranking of the university.

Earlier in old ordinance, only departmental teachers having a minimum experience of 3 years associated with a major research project were allowed which was becoming a bane for the candidates and its students as well. But now with reduction in experience this blockage has been removed.

Implementation of this new rule will surely increase number of research supervisor to 4000 and the aspirants for the same.

Various other suggestions are also being given by the council members but the declared one is to make the new draft as an ad-hoc teacher-friendly draft so that they are able to complete their work with no breaks during their class assignments.

The final draft will be approved by the DU V-C Yogesh Tyagi, once it is passed by the academic council.

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