Opinion: Another tale of torment

Today I feel ashamed, abused and agonised all at the same time and all this just because of a perpetrator’s interview I read a few hours ago. I don’t know how many of you have gone through the interview of Mukesh Singh, the person (or should I say beast) who was involved in the Nirbhaya’s rape case.
But I am sure whoever will have a look at it will feel the same as I am feeling right now, provided that they have a got heart to feel this agony. Was raping and treating that innocent (the victim) so maliciously not enough that he came out with such statements. For those who don’t have any idea why my emotions are so heated up right now, let me give a briefing of his filthy thoughts .According to that culprit, “the girl was also responsible for that rape and it was her fault that she was roaming around at night. And shamelessly he kept going by saying that she (victim) shouldn’t have fought back, remained silent and should have allowed them to rape her.”
Like really! Is this where we girls stand? A girl even don’t have the right to oppose any kind of abuse going on with her, that’s what these barbarians are portraying out to the world .Just because of some dirty-minded people ,the very existence and safety of girls are facing a big question mark .No matter how many laws come up for the protection of women, how many promises are made by the govt. and other authorities unless and until we don’t succeed in changing the contaminated mind of people like Mukesh Singh we will not reach anywhere.
I sometimes wonder that this society is only for the so-called MARD who have in their mind a clear image of being the most superior creature, who think that they are capable of treating anybody as per their wishes. And this image of being supreme doesn’t appear in their mind all of a sudden, in fact it is inculcated in their minds from the very beginning, and the consequence of such mentality comes out to be very dreadful for innocent women. Be it the case of harassment, rapes, female foeticide, domestic violence, human trafficking or anything, the women of this country is treated atrociously.
I really don’t know how to express my anguish or anger, but I badly want to deliver this message to all of you. Please respect women and their feelings and if you can’t do this , at least don’t hurt them in anyway ,we girls also want to live as freely and proudly as you men are living your life, we are not here to get tortured and to suffer in each and every step of our life. We also have the same capability (even better) to do wonders and have the same right to achieve every success and happiness.
It’s not the adrenaline due to which men rape; mostly it is their sick mentality they have for women. Just to get pleasure of few minutes they are eager to ruin a woman’s whole life and most of them do not even feel ashamed of what they have done, as a matter of fact they proudly blare out their foul acts as if they have hit the jackpot.There are numerous voices out there asking for the same thing which I am asking for.Just stop this barbarism.

[author image=”http://www.aapkatimes.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/20150223_161546-1-1.jpg” ]I am Shaziah Shamim pursuing Masters in Economics from Jamia Millia Islamia ,New Delhi. I like writing on different social issues of the society.[/author]

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