An Open Letter to PM Modi by a student from Central University of Gujarat

The Hon’ble Prime Minister,
South Block
Raisina Hill
New Delhi 110011
Sub: Request for an independent judicial inquiry into the complaints of discrimination and deprivation of a backward class teacher in the Central University of Gujarat
Hon’ble Sir,
It has come to our notice that a young and bright scholar from the backward class at the Central University of Gujarat (CUG), Dr. Jaya Prakash Pradhan working in the capacity of an Associate Professor has been allegedly discriminated, deprived, victimized and selectively targeted by the present Vice-Chancellor and Registrar.
Despite Dr. Pradhan’s pending representation on discrimination and deprivation with the Office of the MHRD, the Vice-Chancellor and Registrar have taken up an acrimonious approach against him by repeatedly issuing notices on flimsy pretext and setting up inquiry committees with the sole intention of harassing him and wasting his valuable time meant for teaching, research and mentoring of young scholars at the University.
Disciplinary decisions against Dr. Pradhan are taken allegedly in complete contravention to the principles of natural justice and based on reports of inquiry committees, which are biased and fabricated. These decisions also reek of malice, false charges, vindictiveness and an urge to victimize him. Utilizing manipulated and biased inquiry reports, a press release is being issued by the Registrar just to defame and condemn him.
I am deeply concerned that such alleged discrimination against a backward class teacher in a central university is inimical to the very objectives of these national institutions, namely inclusiveness, equal opportunity, and openness. As OBCs have a representation of hardly 4 per cent of Group A posts under Government of India, such alleged victimization and discrimination against a backward class teacher should be taken seriously.
I request the Hon’ble Prime Minister to order an independent and impartial judicial inquiry into complaints of concerned OBC teacher against the Vice-Chancellor and Registrar, and complaints leveled against the teacher. This should be done to arrive at the truth and in the interest of the national institution is concerned.
Thanking you for your consideration

Yours sincerely,
Alok Kumar
Research Scholar
Central University of Gujarat

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