Offbeat Courses in Delhi University

Delhi University is the high values university in teaching and research and attract famous scholars to its faculty. School exams have just come to an end and just like every year, Delhi University is going to top the priority list of students hailing from various parts of India. Regarded as one of the best Indian universities, Delhi University (DU) not only prepares its students for exams and makes them job-ready, but also prepares them for life’s tough challenges that may turn up sooner or later. The alma mater of some of the best minds in the country, DU offers the best courses in conventional fields like Science, Arts and Commerce. However, it also offers some unconventional courses for people who prefer to shine in those offbeat fields.

Unconventional Courses are gaining importance at high level in today’s youth. Youth today are passionate about turning their interests/hobbies into careers  and if the interest is pursued as career it is the best thing in the world. In Delhi University ,off beat courses for both academic and vocational courses are proving a better decoy than the straight undergraduate courses.

Nowadays, there are students who enjoy risk-taking, the non conformists who judder at the predictable course of life. A regular Engineering program may not give them the adrenaline rush while a degree in Commerce, Nutrition, Dentistry or even Applied Psychology could make them feel on top of the world. If some are inclined towards fine arts, there are others who may succeed in business but fail to make the cut in the study of literature.

The university offers various interesting offbeat courses like Sports Psychology, Cyber Security & Forensics Engineering and Gaming and Graphics Engineering among others.

Eligibility Criteria

For Courses in Delhi University, candidate has to meet the few eligibility conditions, which are indicated in the following points:

  • Candidates have to qualify their Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination (Class XII) of the Central Board of Secondary Education or an examination recognized as equivalent thereto.
  • Candidates have to pass the qualifying examination obtaining minimum marks as specified for each of the courses.

For the students who want to start business at their own, there are some off-beat courses which can be the best decision for them. Here is the list of offbeat careers that are being offered in India and are emerging as interesting careers and Delhi university is the best for these courses.


  1. Diploma in Business Journalism and Corporate Communication

Different from other communication and journalism courses offered by the university, this course prepares you for business journalism and corporate communication, a business-specific branch of journalism. Communication and business communication, Indian business environment, print and electronic media, financial system and analysis, information technology and cyber journalism, global information scenario, PR and corporate communication, and advertising and marketing are some of the key topics that are taken care of in this diploma course spanning two semesters. As of now, only Sri Guru Gobind Singh College of Commerce of Delhi university offers this course.

  1. B.Sc. (Hons) in Instrumentation

If you are the one with a deep interest in instrumentation, this graduation degree will be the perfect course for you. Network analysis, applied physics, digital and analog electronics, industrial instrumentation, statistical methods and reliability, circuit analysis and other related topics are taught in this degree course spanning three years and six semesters.

  1. Sc. in Physical Education, Health Education and Sports

A degree in Physical Education, Health Education and Sports is an all-new specialization offered by Delhi University and it enables you to study everything under the scope of sports science. Students who want to teach physical education or want to work in the fitness industry or seek to do research in sport and health-related areas can take up this course for a detailed study of sports science.

  1. Bachelor’s Degree in Library and Information Sciences

The main objective of this course is to educate you in the basic principles, laws and ethics of librarianship. This course is gaining in popularity because of the attractive career scope in this field. People who love books and have it in them to lead the disciplined life of a librarian, may opt for this course.

  1. Master of Human Resource and Organizational Development (MHROD)

An MBA in HR is not the only option if you want to study an insightful and intricate subject like Human Resources. MHROD also offers the same course, spanning a number of areas including management, human resources, business values, industrial relations, organizational behavior & development, business environment and cross-cultural management.


There are special reservations which are available for candidates belonging to minority groups, backward classes, persons with disability, various quotas and Kashmiri migrants. Given below is the reservation table for offbeat courses offered Delhi University:

Category Reservation
Scheduled Caste 15 %
Scheduled Tribes 7.5 %
Other Backward Classes (OBC) 27 %
Persons with Disabilities (PwD) 3 %
Children / Widow of Armed Forces 5 %
Kashmiri Migrants 5 %
Sports/ECA Quota 5 %
Foreign Students 5 %
Girls Students

3 %


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