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Indian politics has become a hub of scams and injustice. Politicians pocketing public money in an illegal manner and living luxurious lives, despite off immense poverty in the country, has become a usual thing. On a hand where it has become difficult for the poor’s to fill their stomach’s, our ministers have been busy partying and celebrating. The tax that we pay for good roads, infrastructural projects, good houses, beneficial teaching and medical facilities are being misused and then we are handed over some cheap thing which shows its real colours later.

For a decade, Congress government ruled the country and more than development, scams were reported. Constant Corruption had sickened the citizens and all of us were in desperate need for a change.

When a revolutionary figure, Anna Hazare stepped forward to change the political system and prevent corruption, people united together. Rallies came up at several locations of the country, anti-corruption slogans began steaming up and a demand of ‘change’ took roots. Aspirations, hopes and desires of modification began gripping. Same hopes and aspirations multiplied by the entry of Arvind Kejriwal.

Anna sat on fast-unto-death for a genuine reason but Arvind Kejriwal took it as a weapon. Arvind got heavy on politicians from other parties whom he called ‘corrupt’ but when it came to his own ministers, his silence was ridiculous. A person who displayed high morals was slowly and steadily seen getting away from it. Every time when their demands were unheard, he sat on Dharna. These constant Dharna’s, made people feel the tremors of theatrical drama.

But then during the 2013 Delhi elections, when AAP stood victorious in New Delhi, finishing the Sheela Dixit raaj Arvind took over as the Chief Minister. Soon, his resignation came-in and the AAP government in New Delhi fell in just 49 days. This resignation began the dwindling of support for AAP.

By this time Mr. Narendra Modi had emerged into public and the party too was promoting him on a full-fledged basis. I remember of having got attracted to all those enthralling advertises like janta maaf nahi karegi, hum modi ji ko lane wale hai, acche din aane wale hai. So, it was not just the oratory skills that won the hearts of citizens but also such promotions with desi flavour played a very crucial role in the party’s victory.

Speaking about Narendra Modi – he has been really different; different in every aspect. His Gujarat development model is brilliant and so are his eloquence skills. His speeches – full of emotions and optimism, his habit of paying respect and gratitude to those who have supported and helped him really shows how humble man he is. And that’s what people loved about him, a result of which the whole nation has witnessed in the recent 2014 Loksabha Elections.

We all have well seen and heard him while he addressed people in several rallies but now when Mr. Narendra Modi has won and is all set of becoming the PM of the country, big challenges are lying before him and his government. Some crucial issues to deal with are safety of female citizens in the nation followed by inflation. The rates of regular commodities too, have almost touched the sky, putting citizens in a distinctive dilemma. The coming government needs to stabilize that too. Also, poverty and malnutrition continue to top the list of social problems. Protection of Freedom of Press is an another important issue. There have been repeated attacks on media persons and organizations which need to be avoided.

In 2013 we’ve witnessed terrible riots in Muzzafarnagar in UP, Canning Riots in West Bengal and in 2014 we have had another unfortunate riot in Assam. The challenge also, before this new government, is to avoid these riots and ensure a healthy, safe and riot-free place for the residents in these communally sensitive areas.

Well, Mr. Modi’s developmental policy has worked very well in Gujrat. Corporate Sectors, Urban Management as well as Tourism sectors have been improved. For all these years, it was just a state but now Mr. Modi has to work towards the betterment of 28 states and 7 union territories as the Prime Minister. To what extent does the development comes up, currently, lies in future. For now, what all of us can do and should do is, be optimistic and hope for a better tomorrow.

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