No NET for the Ph.D and M.Phil student registered before July 11, 2009

The UGC has come to the table turning outcome that candidates who have registered for M.Phil and Ph.D earlier to July 11,2009 will get a leisure of not giving NET exam to become a assistant professor in the university if they go through a certain eligible condition.

The big move will help to iron out thousands of Ph.D holders who earlier were affected by the UGC judgment in which NET and Ph.D was the minimum qualification criteria for applying as a assistance professor in colleges and universities.

The announcement was done on Tuesday by the HRD minister as Irani stated “ a long challenge has been faced by the researchers, the UGC with the government has taken the decision today with full conviction”.

UGC has slewed up some new agenda to exempt NET and SET test of recruiting and appointing assistance professor  for the Ph.D and M.Phil holders registered before July 11, 2009.

One of the condition talk about their Ph.D degree which should be awarded in regular mode only and the examining of thesis should be done by at least two external examiners. Other condition include conducting a open viva voice for the Ph.D candidates and there should be two research publication out of their Ph.D work. The candidate should have made at least two presentations and should have presented them in conference and seminar. These all criteria are to be certified by Vice Chancellor, Pro-Vice Chancellor, Dean ( Academic affair) or Dean (University position).

UGC chairman Ved Prakash said as there is a shortage of faculty in the country institutions, this move will help as jackpot for students to apply for teaching positions.

UGC also gave relaxation to the women and differently able researchers by doing it eight year instead of the current six year to complete their Ph.D degrees. Candidate will get three years for completing M.Phil degrees instead of two. With that maternity leave will also be provided and a 240 day leave for child care during the duration of Ph.D or M.Phil.

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