Multitudinous Accomplishments of this 20 years old student from Jamia are winning hearts

Meet 20-year-old Asim from Delhi who is not just a poet but also a BSc Physics Student from Jamia, Delhi. At this pretty youthful age, he is already a published author of the book of  ‘Khawabon ka karwan’ which got published in 2015 and ‘Ashna’in 2018.

Let us know  more about this talented poet.

Please  Introduce yourself

I was born in Indore and my family shifted to Malaysia where I did my primitive schooling. I then went Vadodara where I completed my learning till 10th standard. Currently, I am seeking Physics from Jamia University, Delhi.

What got you involved in Poetry literature?

My father, elders, and grandpas are quite involved in Literature. We have a huge library at our native which includes over 5000 books associated to Hindi Literature, Urdu Literature, Poetry. Many of my relatives are lecturers of various Linguistics so I  can state they are the main cause of my interest in Reading and Writing.

What was your motivation for the first poem?

I began reading in my sixth class and my first Ghazal was penned in 8th class. Since a very tender age, I have been interested in addressing social concerns linked to the country. I have invariably wanted to use my writings as a source of information towards these subjects. When I first commenced reading Ghazals, I noticed most of the formats described romance, composed by admirers. I really could not discover many books describing common concerns. So, I thought of formulating writings that were further regarded to the current affairs than idealized relationships. I consider poetry as a highly definite idea to stimulate the thoughts so the poem can be a very useful reference to make people conscious of the issues.

When did you announce your books and are there any of the beloved writers that stimulate you?

I have many favorite writers. Mirza Ghalib Sahab, Jaun Elia who is my favorite amongst Urdu poets. My first book was  ‘Khawabon ka karwan’ which got published in 2015 and ‘Ashna’in 2018.

Do you believe there is any difference between the old poets and modern-day poets?

I think old writings were principally based on romantic relationships as I mentioned, a classic model. As time progressed, people are also analyzing poems to be an influential aspect of leading people hence additional topics are also reflected to express diverse viewpoints and beliefs on the same.

Where do you see thoughts to record something?

Writing a Ghazal needs many precepts and commands to be obeyed. I write based on several things I see. I constantly endeavor to make everything better and most importantly distinct from other things. I also consider how the writers have addressed that subject. Then I get the appropriate expression for my writings.

Is writing a passion to you or will you consider a profession in writing further?

I unquestionably want it as a passion. Making it professional would require me to compose something compulsorily without a preference. It would be more of a requirement than an inspiration. I have spent days and even months of not writing something but as I get an inspiration I begin writing.

So, you are a published writer of two books at this young age. How do you feel about it?

Obviously, I feel marvelous. And it feels exceptional to write about something you actually believe in. I make sure the quality of my writing is never deteriorated. I want it to be better than the previous one. The standard is continuously maintained.

What are your future plans?

I am pursuing BSc Physics so I will go for further education as well. But that doesn’t indicate I will neglect Poetry. Literature will forever be my passion. I like discovering new things a lot. I have been doing many certificate courses in languages such as Italian. Professional life will always be separate from this.

Do you have any message for people who, like you, are in a radically different stream of study and are also involved in poetry?

Poetry writing is simple. It originates from within. I believe some people can read 100 novels and write 5-10 lines on it. And some can write the same by rendering 2 or 3 books. A different study can never be a hindrance to a healthy standard of writing. It only depends on your interest Poetry is only a beginning of expressions. Reading is truly necessary.

My favorite poet once said “Jinhei Padhna chahiye wo keetabh likh rahe hain”, which is a transcendant point to consider . You cannot write a story and call yourself a writer. Read, understand, study, analyze and then do something of your own.

Asim is truly an example of how poets within us can never die no matter where or what we do. We wish Asim all the best for his future and are looking forward to more books by him.

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