Microsoft presents free online courses and certificates

Technology has made life easier since the beginning and will continue to amaze humans. Internet has clearly been a boon for people, with its functionality not limited to a mere comfort product. Dependency on it has increased, with our days beginning and ending with Internet. It has given newer horizons to humans to reach out and fly. Microsoft, the one technology that changed millions of lives, has brought out yet another innovation. Since the life of a college student revolves around lectures, notes and internet, Microsoft Research took this opportunity to launch Massively Empowered Classrooms as a part of its community initiative. They are an online space on which free lectures all engineering student could find useful, are present. MECs seek to improve the education system by helping students learn and helping teachers teach. Online lectures are not a new concept, but MECs have a lot more to them.

What is amazingly perky about them is the provision of lectures in accordance with the academic curriculums of various universities in the country. They provide the highest quality notes. Universities including Gujarat University, Pune University, MHRD QEEE Pilot, Anna University, RTU, VTU, UPTU, RGVP University, PTU, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University along with virtual educational groups like Microsoft’s ‘Ed Vantage’ Campus, MIC/CCC, Microsoft Student Partner Colleges and Microsoft Cloud Campus are enlisted here along with their respective colleges. Various links will automatically direct the students to lectures that are a part of their curriculum. But what does it take in exchange of all these benefits? A simple registration. Yes, that’s it! The students will have to register with their colleges that are listed under their university heads. For students of other colleges, they can register with the name of colleges whose syllabus is the closest to theirs.

The engineering course is divided into the following five chapters- Computer Networks, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Data Structure, Theory of Computation and Linear Algebra. Each chapter is further divided into various units, which involves from motivation to theory t o practical demonstrations. Video lectures for each unit by Kameshwari Chebrolu will make understanding of concepts delightful. The lectures are given in a clear and decipherable accent, and the pictures and diagrams help students understand what they are studying. Important points get underlined as they are taught. Each new chapter begins with a quick recap of the previous one, thus enabling students recall the concepts taught earlier. Towards the end of units is a demonstration of how the practicals are to be carried out, and projects are given to the students. Students are invited to ask questions. But the interactive trait of the MECs doesn’t end here. Regular quizzes are conducted throughout the session. Plus, there is a final exam at the end of the course to evaluate what has been learnt. A final exam has been scheduled to be conducted on 30th June, 2015, which would mark the end of the program that began on 25th January, 2015.

A Course Participation Certificate will be awarded to registered students who viewed 80% of the lectures and scored an aggregate of 70% in top four quizzes. Also, a Course Proficiency Certificate will be awarded to those who have the Course Participation Certificate and scored a minimum of 70% in the final exam. The certificates will certainly add a feather in the professional cap of any student. So, when Microsoft is ready to help you win the world, there’s no point waiting. Gear up, engineering students, and rush to gain this once-in-a-blue-moon opportunity!

Microsoft presents free online courses and certificates on following topics:
1) Data Structures
2) Linear Algebra
3) Design and Analysis of algorithms
4) Theory of Computation
5) Computer Networks

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