Meet this Super Girl from DU who heals trauma with her arts

Meet this Super Girl, one shot up from teenage, Saumya Aggarwal . Why we have selected her as our campus celebrity from Ramjas college, DU will surely going to amaze you.

Saumya Aggarwal is an Artist and a peace builder working to achieve Peace justice through different forms of art and culture. She aims to heal the psychological trauma of Rohingya Refugees through Art and dance therapies. She firmly believes, “Art is a creation of the human mind. Art in its many forms is a very positive and powerful vehicle for encouraging personal and social transformation. It can also be a vehicle to inspire a culture of peace, promote intercultural learning, and facilitate the creation of a sustainable, equitable, and harmonious society.”

She is just 20 year old, a tender age when college is mere a place for fun and frolic. This Super girl has channelized her efforts to create a platform for a better society. She has encouraged women facing domestic violence to speak for their rights through Performing Arts. And this is the power of womanhood, and this is what people should interpret as feminism.

Her forte lies in doing live paintings in public spaces on different social issues and spread awareness through this platform. Currently, she is pursuing (hons) from Ramjas College, University of Delhi. She is also, the Co-founder of Youth for Peace International, who envisions to build a “Peaceful and Sustainable world” of empowered individuals and sustainable societies. Her team of Peace-builders is on a mission to train 350+ million young people.

“Art has kept me inspired since thirteen years in a row, and stimulated my instinct to rely on art therapies for subsuming conflicts subjective to internal and external influence, that has loomed largely affirmative in relegating to attainment of peace. This insight surfaced to structure a vision in me, and to further implicate on larger issues like addressing rehabilitation of Refugees and violence against women, through motivation of play, dance and art therapies.”
With her strong dedication she is aiming for a bigger cause and for a greater motive, to make a mark in this world where everyone will acknowledge her endeavours.  Here is an excerpt from an exclusive interview of Saumya with Asna Azhar of AT.

Tell me something about Youth for Peace International. How did it came into its present form?
When I entered into college I saw everyone is planning or working to launch their startup and this term startup is something which I heard first time in college. Then somebody told me that only extraordinary people can have their own venture with a lot of hard work. I always had a dream to do something different and reach great heights. I started exploring things in my first year. I went in almost 75-80 events, met new people and started exploring different areas. Then back in December’15 I met a person who wanted to start peace building organisation and I wanted to start an art venture. The Common goal of ours was to serve the society. From there the journey started.

Your current project’ Sangharsh’ is all about therapies, what are these therapies and how did they go about?
Sangharah is a project which aims on the welfare and Rehabilitation of Rohingya Refugees. But we give art, dance and play therapies to them to heal their trauma.

What inspired you at such a tender age to work for this cause heal?
My mother is a cancer survivor. Back, when I was in class 12th, she had cancer, I wasn’t told that she’s facing this problem. One day I checked her reports and came to know that she is a cancer patient. As a kid, I was gobsmacked, I had the fear of losing her. The only thing I could do was research on Internet as to how and what we can do to heal her. My research concluded that we need to distract her mind from the disease. So, I started involving her into arts and being herself an artist, she did well.
I think the Arts played a major role to heal her and now she is perfect.

What are your ambitions?
A lot of people have let down my parents when we had financial crisis. As they were from a small town, they were manipulated and trotted. Back in school days I was bullied as I used to travel by scooter moreover, I was not updated with technology. Then and there I won lots of laurels and involved myself in co-curricular activities just to compensate that.
My ambition is to achieve respect, recognition, which these so called rich people can’t get through money. I want to make a distinct reputation of my parents which is unbeatable. On a professional front I want to make a million dollar company which works on Global Challenges.

Saumya and her achievements are not limited to this, she has been nominated for TED Ed Innovative Educator Project 2017 for the SDG innovator. Saumya says “I always did something; I was little not ready to do. I think that’s how you grow. When there’s that moment of ‘WOW, I am not really sure I can do this’. And you push through those are the moments when you have a breakthrough.”
If this is the beginning, we are sure the pace at which Saumya works and the dedication she pours in, she will achieve her goals sooner.

Team Aapka Times wishes Good Luck to this Super Girl.

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