Meet this Jamia alumnus who is accomplishing the mission of founders of Jamia Millia Islamia

It takes humongous effort to tread on an unconventional path but those who have the determination, move ahead with the confidence of achieving their goals. Mohammad Rizwan, an alumnus of Jamia Millia Islamia University of the 80’s batch is one of those people. At a time when every other person was moving to big cities for job opportunities, Md. Rizwan nurtured the idea of establishing a school for educating  the needy children back in his hometown.
It was not an easy task and the journey was full of hurdles but by the dint of his  determination and belief in the vision of his alma mater, he moved ahead with the aim of accomplishing his mission.The founder  of Oasis Model School in his hometown Hapur, U.P., Mohammad Rizwan has proved that indeed, Effort Spells Success.
Aapka Times got the opportunity to strike a conversation with the man who beholds the broader vision for Muslim community’s welfare.

You were into youth politics and a member of the student union. What made you quit this line of action and embark on a new journey altogether?

I was the Vice-President of JMISU (1981-82), and was even rusticated on being a part of a student union strike. When the disciplinary committee took their chairs to confer over the same, a few words were spoken by Jb. Khalid Saifullah Sb. (Principal, Jamia School) on this occassion which encompassed a tone of guidance and were enough to generate in me the insight of doing something for the society.

What was your source of motivation?

The words of my mentor Jb. Khalid Saifullah Sb. that the founders of Jamia had the vision that students passing from the institution would build ‘Jamias’ back in their hometowns as this single institution would not be able to suffice the growing need of the masses for education is what became my source of motivation and infused in me the vigour to establish an institution that would cater to the needs of the Muslim community.

How did you start?

My mother, Mrs. Asloobun Nisa, donated the land with a semi-constructed building to run the school. I,alongwith Prof. Mohammad Talib (Dept. of Sociology, JMI) and Jb. Khalid Saifullah Sb.,initially headed for the parturition of a primary level school under the aegis of Iqra Educational and Social Welfare Society presided over by Prof. Z.A.Nizami (Dept. of Political Science, JMI). Then the society’s name changed into ‘EDUCAID’, which was now headed by Dr. Sajjad Hussain and the school was upgraded to middle level. With the passage of time, more Jamiaites extended a helping hand like Prof. Abid Haleem (Faculty of Engg.), Prof. Z.M.Khan (Faculty of Law), Mr. Naseeb Khan (Principal, Jamia School) and Prof. Furqan Qamar among others and eventually, the school got upgraded to Oasis Model Senior Secondary School recognised by U.P. Board of Education.

It’s not easy to start an institution from sc ratch. What challenges did you have to face?

It was 1989 when this journey started. At that point of time, collection of funds was the main issue. I used to come to Jamia every month and collected donations from my teachers and friends. For an year, I started to collect scraps from houses and sell it.This idea increased the number of donors as the message spread among people. Besides funds, lack of qualified teachers was another big challenge. Most of the time, Khalid Sb. had to stay there for weeks. over the years, many other efficient people like Mr. Aziz Akhtar, (Education Director, GEMS Education Co.), Ms. Parveen Khanam (Director, Jamia Nursery School), Ms. Shaista Rahman (Social Worker, Jamia Middle School) have joined the mission and added more laurels to the institution’s success and glory.

Over the years, do you think students have become more responsible socially  as every year, more students are helping you in taking the venture to another level?

Yes, students have become socially and morally more responsible as Mr.Zubair Irshad, Mr.Khursheed Anwar, Mr. Tauheed Khan, Mr. Mansoorul Haq Khan, Ms. Farhat Azad, Mr. Hisham Ahmad and many more have extended a helping hand and taken the institution’s success  a notch higher.

Does Educaid provide help to any other institution as well?

Yes, Educaid provides logistic support to 4 schools all of which are affiliated to the U.P. Board of education.
1. Madras Oasis Oriental College 

2. Oasis Model Primary school 

3. Oasis Model Junior High school 

4. Oasis Model Hr Sec School

What message do you have for today’s youth?

I believe that it is the duty of every Jamiaiet to guide their younger batches in order to gain a foothold in the job market and secondly, the vision of the founders of this institution should not be forgotten by the majority in the name of few players accomplishing it as it is the soul duty of every Jamiaiet to lighten up every nook and corner of the world with education.
Md. Rizwan with his diligence and determination has not only carved a niche for himself but also brought home the adage
‘Where there is a will, there is a way.’

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