Meet this DU girl who is set to hit the TV with her live show

The harder the struggle, the more glorious the triumph!

Anadika Guleria, a girl who struggled even against the plans of god and succeeded in what she had planned. Where the students of college bullied and teased her, she with the support of her strengths and plans is back with a come-back. A final year philosophy student from Laxmi Bai College, this tarot reader is ready to set her life on track.

A pagan magician and a tarot lover. She is all set to be live and tell your future on T.V.

The tarot reader has spent a difficult life in her college days, just like a real hero does to fight against all those who wish to be a hurdle in the way to success. She was bullied for being healthy. Her being a plus size and questioning every wrong decision was never easy to handle in societies where she was always asked to trim herself, be it her in opinions or in her weight.

“I felt really hopeless but then I realized that this is what my bullies want, I am back now with my talent of this pagan art”, said Anadika. She is practicing tarot since her school days and also works on divination tools. And now this is what makes her an expert.

              Tons of practice and loads of hopes

              that is how she hangs her future ropes!!!

Our lady tarot reader will be live on Television. She heartily welcomes everyone to ask her about their unknown and unforeseen time.

Catch her live at:
Janta TV on Saturday-Sunday from 9 am.
Channel number 562 on Tata Sky
Den Digital 326
Siti Digital 326


DD Free Dish    :33
Dish TV: 917
Airtel TV: 1223
Tata Sky: 1129


Sun direct    :1023

Satellite radio
VHF    85

AIR    68.9Mhz

Streaming media
IPTV    13

Anadika Guleria is an ideal for those who wish to pursue their dreams in midst of thousands of struggles and an inspiration for those who sit back and wait for the time to be better.This artist believes that is it ‘we’ who change our time and not the time that changes us.

We all wish her a good luck for this enthusiastic start and her many more episodes to come in future.

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