How many times have you done online shopping? How often do you share your feelings and deep thoughts with near and dear ones through various messengers? Have you ever exchanged any confidential documents via e-mails? Undoubtedly, we have done all these for various times and such activities have almost become an integral part of our lives. But have we ever wondered how safe and secured our information is on these online platforms?

Could we ever imagine a situation when all our private data are being accessed by en masses? Probably NO! But this might have happened to you for various times even without your knowledge. With the advancement of technology comes many curses on social life and that may create a negative impact on mankind. One such curse is the lack of proper knowledge amongst people regarding online privacy and security. We live so much of our lives online but we hardly try to find out what happens to our data we share. Do we even realize how vulnerable our data are in this virtual world ?

The best part is the power to safeguard our privacy lies in our hands only. But unfortunately, many of us are not educated enough to use that power. Due to lack of proper knowledge, we even fail to find out the loopholes within the web. So, just to make us aware of the power we possess, the Open Source Community, Mozilla came up with the idea of Take Back the Web(TBTW)Campaign. Three main objectives of this campaign are:

(a) to educate people and give them a better understanding to control their data online

(b) to explore privacy and security issues and spark awareness regarding the same

(c) to build technologies that can make privacy and security accessible to all. The campaign aims to empower individuals from differential background to investigate the current internet privacy landscape and come up with new ideas to safeguard online security.

It is high time we join hands together to take back the web. Even a small initiative could help us solve big problems persisting in the cyber world. We need to realize that we may love the ongoing cyber revolution or hate it, but we simply cannot ignore it. Our ignorance will ultimately harm none other than us. So, instead of accepting the defeat before technology, we can inspire others and channel our energy to build a better and secured cyber world.

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