LEADING THE FAMILY LEGACY: Mumbai Man Quit His Job In A Multinational Company To Become A Police Constable

Rupesh Krishna Rao Pawar, a graduate from the Mumbai University, switched his workplace  from a multinational firm to the police force. Although, he had a family hierarchy of members working in the Mumbai Police, it was because of a higher qualification and fluent English that he worked in a corporate firm. Having faced all odds, his sacrifice to switch his field of profession is the perfect example of loyalty towards one’s own family.

It was when his father suffered from kidney failure, did he ask Rupesh to join the police force. Rupesh kept his promise to lead the family legacy. Nothing bothered him, whether it was his designation as a police constable, low wages or to shift his kitchen into his bedroom on rainy days. He is a man of his word.

Yet, there’s one thing that bothers him the most – the insensitive and the ill-respected attitude of the masses. It’s all the more hurtful for him to see people disrespect him and his work. On the contrary, it’s indeed, a thankless but an honorable job and he considers himself to have a heart of a lion. The uniform that he wears is a matter of great pride and honor.

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