Know about Katie Iqbal – ‘the Caribbean desi girl”- who did it all

Katie Iqbal can be seen actively working in the Bollywood film industry since 2017. The actress belongs to the Caribbean islands, currently residing in Mumbai – living her dreams. She is often known as the ” the Caribbean desi girl “. The actor says that she is beginning to develop an interest in filmmaking aside from her acting career.

Current projects and future projects

The multi-talented actress did a few projects that bring about success. A year ago, she shot a music video for T-series that got released on Youtube on 29th June 2021 “Yaaro Rab Se Dua karo” with the exceptional singer Akhil Sachdeva. The video was a big hit with 20 plus Million views. Iqbal also did a South Indian film, which is still under production.

The actor further states that she never likes to stop and sit at home idle. In her free time, for leisure purposes, she went to the mountains and did a Yoga course as a break and re-energized herself after a lot of work. After all, we all need that detox! So we totally get the actor’s point here. Even in her free time with a busy career, she still keeps herself occupied and working forward towards achieving her goals.

She is a keen learner as when she resumes her busy life after coming back from the mountains to Mumbai, she started learning about film production. She is definitely a social and outgoing person although the industry also requires to be one, but speaking from the actor’s point of view as in her earlier times in Bombay, she met different people, went to parties and even today she speaks about getting to know different people and gaining knowledge about cinema from different perspectives.

The workaholic actor will also be seen soon working with an independent filmmaker Sudhish Kamath who is also an Indian film critic. Her upcoming venture with the director is called “Culture Vulture”. The film might also feature Cameron Crowe who is a prominent Hollywood director and will also star some notable actors according to Katie. However, the film is under production and not much can be revealed about it as yet but the actor seems excited about it.

The busy-bee actor further shared with us about her recent and upcoming release “The Great Weddings of Munnes” starring Abhishek Banerjee and Barkha Singh. She felt lucky to work closely with senior and talented actors, especially Abhishek Banerjee who is undoubtedly extremely talented wherein she again got the chance to learn more. She also realized that comedy roles aren’t easy for her because she is funny bones. Talking about the series, the producer and creator of “The Great Weddings of Munnes” is Raaj Shaandilyaa who has produced mega hit movies like “Dream Girl”, and “Janhit Mein Jaari”, to name a few. The web series is expected to stream on Voot Select on August 4. So stay tuned!

A little Brief history about the lovely actress

The stunning actor has a quite interesting story about her way into the film industry that she sheds light upon.

She opens up about her journey from the Caribbean to Mumbai

Her journey in Mumbai began in 2015 when she visited India for the very first time. Although, Katie’s mother used to visit India frequently since her entire family lives in Gujarat. One fine day the actor made up her mind and agreed to the vacation in India where they first landed in Mumbai. The actor immediately made up her mind that this is the place where she now wanted to stay and become something. Well, the rest is history as we know.

What fascinated her the most about Mumbai was the magic that the city has and the chauffeur-driven cars. It is safe to say that the glamour that Mumbai has attracted our dear actress is something she herself agrees upon.

Little Kid who thought Bollywood as a career was out of the question

For Katie, even though she liked Bollywood a lot as we can tell by her fandom for the “Kksum” serial while she was growing up. As a child, she always wanted to pursue modeling and she never missed out on any beauty pageant of Miss India that she used to watch on Sony Entertainment as at that time, in her home country Grenada, they had only two channels – B4U Music and Sony. She enjoyed listening to Bollywood music and the award shows so much that she imagined herself performing sometimes on the stage. She was a little kid with lots of hopes and dreams, and who knew that she would come this far.

Her father was a strict Muslim and Katie was not allowed to step out of the house without permission. So for her being in Bollywood and making as a career was way out of question.

How she made her way into this star-studded industry

The charm that Mumbai gave to Katie was something that she wasn’t ready to give up on so quickly. She convinced her parents on letting her to stay in Mumbai because she was studying as well at that time in her home country, so was flying back and forth. She decided to study in Mumbai only and after a lot of fights, she somehow managed to convince her parents.

Now, when she finally started to live in Mumbai, she socialized a lot. She didn’t know how to speak Hindi but understood it very well which was possible because of the movies and shows that she used to watch. She shared an incident with us about her being called up by a friend for a last-minute anchoring thing for an event. She encountered many notable celebrities like Jacqueline Fernandez.

That’s when Iqbal decided what she has to do further. She got in touch with more and more people. Well, after that the actress decided to not look back and started seeking advice and guidance to reach where she wishes to be. She took up more events and started learning Hindi, she even faced rejections which comes supplement to the acting career. But she never let the fear of rejection overpower her confidence. The actress faced her share of struggles in the industry as she had no support from her own family so she had to do it all alone. She had to give up on her studies. Did several odd jobs, assisted backstage for shows, TV ads, etc., and worked as a real estate broker and event organizer as well. this actor has done it all.

The actor got her first break in a web series in 2017 and received lots of opportunities from there – Tv shows, music videos, etc. the actress is quite popular for her work in Ragini MMS (Returns) and her appearances in Namaste England, and Rudrakaal (2021)

Her journey was quite full of rollercoasters, from the Caribbean islands to Mumbai, where she has seen it all, who believes that this place has taught her a lot, and is determined to learn more. From being a business student to being an aspiring actress that she is today who considers herself not a superstar yet but believe us, Katie Iqbal in a way you are surely a superstar.

The actor finally was able to fulfill her dreams, however, as she herself says she likes to keep moving forward with life, we hope that she achieves more success and reaches her desired goal by having opportunities knocking at her door always. 

That’s the journey of “the Caribbean desi girl”.

A story by: Tanvi


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