JNUSU AND DUSU Election Campaigns – The Difference between the good and the bad

Consider yourself lucky if you are pursuing your graduation or higher studies from JNU or DU. Student politics in these universities remain at the peak during the months of July and August. If you remain politically charged, these months can give you a major adrenaline rush and if you consider student politics a “tamasha”, you will end up being frustrated during those election campaigns.

Aapka Times brings to you the major difference between the methods adopted by various student political parties to promote themselves in JNU- Jawahar Lal Nehru University and DU- Delhi University during the election season.

Jawahar Lal Nehru University

JNU is having a ‘healthy’ political culture and an atmosphere of open debates on the campus. ‘Healthy’ means very little or no use of men, muscle and money power. Students in JNU prefer hand made posters over printed ones. They prefer offline campaigns over online ones.They try to reach every student and the agenda is not at all confined to the boundaries of JNU. Presidential Debate is an important factor which determine the ability of a person standing in elections. Individual Candidates and women candidates can dare to stand up and can win on their own through their skills and capabilities. Though few unfair means are tried out to win the JNUSU elections by few mother parties and their student wings but still the total power of electing remain in the hands of students. Once in power, Students are kept informed about the public meetings, discussions and other issues through pamphlets and notices. There is a long tradition in JNU of holding serious post-dinner meetings in the hostels to which the students often invite well-known public figures, writers and intellectuals.

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Delhi University

DUSU elections are considered the most high profile student union elections in the country as they provide an opportunity to enter directly into local and national politics. A cut throat competition takes place between various political parties and they themselves interfere in their student union’s decision making and many times use them for their own political benefits. Who will be granted ticket for which post is decided mostly on criteria based on caste. The politics in Du is also called Jat-Gujjar politics where Jat or Gujjar candidates are fielded for important posts in DUSU. Besides this the men-money-muscle power behind a particular student is also taken into account by most political parties. Sex of a student and even the name is a factor too as getting a good ballot number is equally important. A student fighting for a ticket from his party tries to campaign through various unfair means. PR agents are hired to handle social media accounts. Printed posters, banners and flyers are spread over the entire Delhi. Freebies are distributed, Movie Tickets are provided, water parks are booked, live concerts are arranged. Daru parties in various PGs are a common scene too. Almost every rule of Lingdoh Committee is violated. But There can be a sunshine even in darkness, there are students who stick to their ideologies and they are those who actually want betterment of university.

Students should make the best use of their votes by voting for the right and against the wrong.

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