Jamia students give social message through comics

A three day grassroots comic was organized by AJK MCRC center of Jamia Millia Islamia on Monday for the students of M.A. in Development communication First year. Mr. Sharad Sharma a renowned artist is associated with World comics India trained the student to understand how comics can be used in the development discourse. In three days long workshop students from arts and non-arts background created comics that raises the common issues from harassment to pollution, religious intolerance to politics.

“Grassroot Comic Workshop made me realize that content of a comic is an important component that comes only after a deep thought if not one’s own experience.” said Arisha, a first year student of Development Communication

At the third day students presented their comics in the campus, interacted with other students followed by discussions on hush hush issues. The sight at the hygienic cafe on Wednesday was stunning when 20 students holding their comics in hands, subtly, delivered strong messages on a A4 size sheet in just four frames.

”I never thought that comics have the power to convey social messages in such a creative way. The workshop helped in learning a new medium that can be used at local level to start discussion and break the ice on social issues.”, said Upma Singh a student of Development Communication.

“First, it seemed too difficult to fit our story in four frames of a comics, but then we improvised till we reached the best. I am thankful to our course coordinator Pragati Paul ma’am for arranging the workshop. Comics journalism is strong, easy and cost effective medium to convey social messages to the masses” stated Mohammad Wajid, another student of the batch.

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