Jamia Students forced to leave NCC camp due to beard

New Delhi : A group of 10 Muslim Students from Jamia Millia Islamia have faced discrimination by NCC staff at Rohini Headquarters, and compelled to leave the 10 days NCC winter camp, because of having beard.

Those students joined the NCC camp six days before, latter they were asked to write an application in regards of having the beard, after submitting an application the NCC staff asked the students to leave the camp as soon as possible, otherwise they would forcefully evict them. The students had to leave the camp because since yesterday they were sitting outside the NCC headquarters.

Ultimately NCC staff gave them warning to clear the space, else they would call the cops.

Anwar Shabab (BA Urdu Hons)who is among the 10 students said, “the staff asked us to remove the beard, or leave the camp, even they threatened us to throw out.

While leaving the camp we asked the NCC staff to give us reason in written, but they denied to give any official letter. We were staying outside the NCC headquarters since yesterday evening, finally the NCC staff forcefully driven us out.

( This article is written by Khushboo Khan and it was originally published by the MuslimMirror.com and republished by the Aapka Times)

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