Jamia student initiates unique program to educate and empower mothers

The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before.The women existed but the mother never. A mother is absolutely new. The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world. Mothers are the creators of life. They are actually given the privilege by god to be his partners in giving life to another human being. She is capable of shaping the individuals, society and nation.Mothers are the timeless teachers of life and most influential educators. So, mothers have to be confident and knowledgeable for their new journey of motherhood.
There is a need and importance to educate mothers. Every season of motherhood carries its own challenges. But the early years of motherhood are particularly demanding. Dear mom of littles, your job is invaluable, priceless and god had called you to do it. So, MAATRITVAA, a unique startup by Co-founders Ishita Singh and Dr Asha Chauhan is making the journey of moms easy, knowledgeable and delightful MAATRITVAA is start-up by Ishita Singh, a student of ‘Post graduate diploma in Entrepreneurship, innovation and design thinking’, Jamia Miliia Islamia
This is a unique program to educate and empower mothers by giving them complete knowledge about selfcare, baby care, lactation and breastfeeding, diet and nutrition and styling. The journey of motherhood starts from the preconception period itself. None of the mothers prepare themselves for taking care of their babies. They do not realise the importance of breastfeeding and do not try to understand the basics. So, after the baby is born, most of the mothers face a lot of problems like: feeding difficulties, handling the baby and unable to take proper care. Prenatal classes open interactive session where parent to be get to clarify lot of questions associated with pregnancy, childbirth and baby care. All these situations lead to the idea of beginning of this program.
So, come and join them at www.maatritvaa.com to make your motherhood journey memorable.

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